Issued capital

Total number of Dexus stapled securities on issue and the apportionment ratio applied for each trust

Issued capital

Periodically, Dexus undertakes corporate actions that change the total amount of securities on issue (issued capital).

A summary of the changes to Dexus's issued capital since 2004 is provided below showing the average price at which Dexus has issued new securities or bought back and cancelled securities.

Apportionment ratios

For capital gains tax purposes, security holders need to apportion the cost of each stapled security and the proceeds on sale of each stapled security over the four trusts that make up the stapled security.

This apportionment should be done on a reasonable basis. One basis of apportionment is to use the relative net asset value (NAV) of each of the trusts. (Please note that prior to 30 June 2008, NAV was roughly equal to Net Tangible Assets.)

Using NAV as a basis, the PDF below outlines the apportionment percentages that will apply to any on-or off-market buying or selling of DXS stapled securities, or the issue of new DXS stapled securities between the dates specified.

Please note that the correct allocation percentage to be used depends on the relevant date of the specific transaction. Consequently, the allocation percentage relevant for the acquisition of a parcel of DXS stapled securities, (either on or off market, or through the issue of securities), may differ from their disposal percentage. DXS announces its Net Tangible Assets for each half and full year end.

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