Healthcare Wholesale Property Fund

An open-ended unlisted property fund in an asset class with exceptional long-term potential

A unique, high-quality portfolio

Healthcare Wholesale Property Fund (HWPF) is an open-ended unlisted property fund providing investors with a unique, high-quality portfolio and the opportunity to participate in an asset class with exceptional long-term potential.

Fund features:
  • A high-quality portfolio comprising of approximately $623 million of properties (estimated on completion value) and a weighted average lease expiry of 27.2 years, providing secure income streams

  • An identified potential pipeline of next-generation healthcare assets

  • A clearly defined strategy to build a diversified healthcare portfolio and increase scale

  • Targeted high sustainability credentials

  • Best practice corporate governance, with a majority independent Board and a unitholder elected Advisory Committee, and

  • Manager co-investment providing alignment of interest.

The Fund is intended for "wholesale clients" as defined in sections 761G (4) and (7) of the Corporations Act and is a Managed Investment Scheme. The Fund is structured to accommodate institutional investors with a minimum application amount of $10 million.

HWPF is open to new equity.

The below fly through showcases one of HWPF’s pipeline assets, the North Shore Health Hub (estimated $225 million on-completion value).


For more information on Healthcare Wholesale Property Fund (HWPF) please contact our team.

HWPF Fund Manager

John Dillon

Unlisted Funds Management

Renee Alborough

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