Dexus Real Estate Partnership (DREP)

The opportunity fund series

Capitalising on market disruption and dislocation

The DREP strategy targets unlisted Australian real estate opportunities, with the first and second funds in the series launching in 2021 and 2023 respectively.

Like DREP1, the second fund aims to deliver enhanced returns by investing throughout the capital structure in situations ranging from distress to growth, with each fund positioned and competing for investment opportunities as a provider of both capital and capability.

The DREP strategy is to identify and manage investment opportunities across all Australian property sectors, leveraging the strength of Dexus’s real estate platform.

Dexus has an extensive track record in operating enhanced return investment strategies. DREP offers direct access to Dexus’s enhanced return capabilities not otherwise available to investors.

Dexus combines platform strength and scale with an entrepreneurial approach to originating unique and timely opportunities to create value. As a specialist manager of Australian real estate, Dexus is highly attuned to the dynamics of the market with a vertically integrated platform and inhouse core skillsets across leasing, development, transactions and management – all key contributors to the success of the trading business.

Dexus is a co-investor in DREP, providing an alignment of interest and an opportunity to benefit directly from the fund’s performance.

Learn more about Dexus Real Estate Partnership 2 (DREP2)


For more information on DREP please contact our team:

Head of Institutional Capital

Natalie Tan

Head of Private Capital

John Taylor

Head of Institutional Distribution, AU/NZ

Robert Hamilton

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