Dexus Real Estate Partnership 1 (DREP1)

A closed-end, unlisted Australian real estate opportunity fund intended for wholesale investors

Australian real estate opportunity fund offering

Dexus Real Estate Partnership 1 (DREP1) is a closed-end opportunistic pooled investment vehicle, the first in a planned series of opportunity funds. The fund will seek to provide investors with an enhanced return via exposure to investments in property repositioning, development, special situation opportunities and alternative credit. DREP1 represents a unique opportunity for unlisted investors to access a concentrated exposure to this strategy, which has not previously been made available.

DREP1 will be positioned for investment opportunities as a provider of both capital and capability, drawing upon Dexus’s large scale integrated real estate platform to provide the fund with competitive differentiation.

Dexus has a depth of enhanced return investment experience, with a strong track record in reposition to sell, develop to sell and higher value use strategies.

Dexus is a co-investor in DREP1, providing an alignment of interest and an opportunity to benefit directly from the fund’s performance.


For more information on Dexus Real Estate Partnership 1 (DREP1) please contact our team:

Fund Manager, DREP

Jason Howes

Assistant Fund Manager, DREP 

Brad McCann

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