30 Jun 2020

Supporting a thriving workforce through the launch of the Safe and Well program

Dexus is committed to ensuring the health, wellbeing and safety of its people. During the year, Dexus established its Safe & Well program to support the aspects of wellbeing that matter most to our people.  

Safe & Well provides a breadth of resources freely accessible to Dexus employees in one easy to access location, designed to help them develop and maintain their wellbeing and work-life balance. These resources are offered alongside Dexus’s employee assistance program through a partnership with Benestar, a confidential counselling and coaching service available to all employees and their families.  

Safe & Well supports:  

– Mental wellbeing through access to services and information from mental health groups, mindfulness tools, and educational modules on managing stress and personal resilience 

– Physical wellbeing through medical offerings such as flu vaccinations, private health insurance discounts, and resources on nutrition and fitness  

– Financial wellbeing through the Employee Share Ownership Plan and access to benefits provided by Dexus’s preferred superannuation provider  

– Work wellbeing through promoting job clarity, employee connection, and team collaboration  

Safe & Well has been welcomed by our people and has taken on increased importance with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.



Rowena Causley

Head of Listed Investor Relations

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