30 Jun 2020

Our people lend a Helping Hand

Our people come to work to create spaces where people thrive. This focus on thriving is evident at our workspaces, across our portfolio, and in the broader community, through the work we do to meet our stakeholders’ needs and deliver a positive impact. At our annual Whole of Company Conference, we broadened our impact further by partnering with the Helping Hands Project to create prosthetic hands for amputees in developing countries. Unfortunately, landmine accidents happen once every 20 minutes and 75% of survivors will have at least one amputation – many of these are children.

At the conference, our people constructed 100 new prosthetic hands that were quality checked by the Helping Hands Project and delivered to impacted children around the world. The new hands were sent to those in need across the world, who received the hands in decorative cases and with a personalised message of inspiration from our people. 



Rowena Causley

Head of Listed Investor Relations

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