30 Jun 2020

Maintaining property efficiency through the COVID19 pandemic

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented changes to property occupancy levels and demands on building services. Despite occupancy changes, Dexus continued to deliver high levels of service with buildings remaining operational and essential services continuing. This ensured customers had the flexibility to access their offices and buildings were quick to reactivate when customers began their return to the office. Achieving the required flexibility required consistent attention from Dexus and its facility management partners. Building services depend on a wide array of interdependent systems that cannot be switched on and off like light bulbs when demands change.

Instead, property systems needed to be continually adjusted to reflect the swings in occupancy related to the pandemic, such that they provided the required level of service without unnecessarily running at full capacity. Efficient management of building services during the pandemic has enabled Dexus to meet customer needs while reducing energy use, avoiding over $1.5 million in electricity costs. 



Rowena Causley

Head of Listed Investor Relations

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