30 Jun 2020

Dexus certifies its new Business Excellence Champions

Dexus launched its Business Excellence Champions program in FY19 to equip select staff with the skills necessary to lead change across the business. The program borrows from Lean Six Sigma principles and involves project teams tackling real-world challenges that the business is facing. Some of the challenges under consideration include optimising information access, improving forecasting processes, and enhancing internal data validation procedures. The program completed in February 2020, with 22 Business Excellence Champions certified in a ceremony at Dexus Head Office in Sydney. Feedback on the program was overwhelmingly positive, with participants enjoying learning new tools and techniques, working with others across the business, and helping to fix real business problems. The newly accredited Business Excellence Champions are now embedded throughout 

the business, leading the change required for Dexus to stay ahead of the curve in today’s quickly evolving environment.  





Rowena Causley

Head of Listed Investor Relations

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