30 Jun 2020

A touchless frictionless customer experience

How people interact with buildings has vastly changed over the past months due to concerns arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. Innovation led by the public demand for remote and touchless operations continue to drive the development of new products and solutions for buildings. Dexus is among the first in Australia, to create a fully integrated touchless experience in an office building. Gateway Sydney, now uses 3D fingerprint technology to scan occupants’ handprints to create a unique algorithm, eliminating the need for office passes swiping across surfaces and touching of lift buttons. From car park boom gates, lift security, access to offices and end-of-trip facilities (including bike storage rooms, bathrooms and lockers), this biometric touchless technology creates a frictionless experience for customers. Dexus determines the best use of technology not just for its suitability for one building, but its scalability across the portfolio. The team is assessing the feasibility of this integrated touchless technology at other buildings in its portfolio and in future developments. Through its scale, Dexus can improve commercial outcomes and ultimately offer a smooth and consistent experience for our customers. 



Rowena Causley

Head of Listed Investor Relations

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