14 Aug 2019

Creating a workplace where people thrive - Wellbeing Month

As part of a commitment to creating spaces where people thrive, Dexus designed a suite of benefits and programs focused on enhancing employee wellbeing. A highlight of Dexus’s offering included Wellbeing Month, which featured a range of activities designed to enhance physical and mental health. Wellbeing Month was held in May 2019 across Dexus offices around the country. Activities were organised by Dexus’s Thrive, Grow and Give Communities and supported by weekly social events aimed at promoting a positive workplace culture. 

The month attracted high participation rates in activities including: 

- 201 flu vaccines
- 73 skin checks
- 164 massages
- 38 posture checks
- 65 employees participating in mindfulness training
- 18 employees completing first aid training

Dexus’s commitment to employee health and wellbeing extends beyond the activities of Wellbeing Month, with a variety of ongoing initiatives available including:

-Monthly Wellbeing subsidy to put towards wellbeing activities such as gym memberships, massages or hobbies
- Dexus Days – five additional days of annual leave intended to help balance work and life
- Onsite health and fitness classes – a range of boot camps, yoga and Pilates classes 
- Discounted membership to gyms, nutritional programs and health consultations 

Dexus understands the importance of supporting health and wellbeing for its people and how it translates to performance and will continue to invest in programs that bring out the best in its people.

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