24 Feb 2020

Dexus partners with SparkBeyond to unleash AI-powered insights across its portfolio

Dexus partners with SparkBeyond to unleash AI-powered insights across its portfolio

Recognising the power of data and analytics as a game-changer to the Property industry, Dexus has partnered with a leading AI technology firm, SparkBeyond, to leverage an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered platform to discover actionable insights that will drive further value for its customers.

This new partnership will accelerate Dexus’s digital transformation, leveraging SparkBeyond’s proven technology to provide deep insights, solve problems and drive high value data driven decisions.

SparkBeyond is an artificial intelligence problem-solving research platform designed to generate concrete solutions to specific business problems. The research engine will combine Dexus’s internal data with publicly available external sources of data to identify issues, and formulate millions of possible hypothesis to find solutions, thereby bypassing human bias in problem-solving.

With the ability to generate millions of hypotheses per minute, Dexus will have the capacity to understand drivers governing business and real estate performance in a fraction of the time taken using existing methods. 

Dexus CEO, Darren Steinberg said: “The rate of change and value that technology is bringing to our business is a key focus for Dexus. Our new partnership with SparkBeyond will transform the way decisions are made across our business, enabling us to drive further value across our portfolio and for our customers.”

Amir Haramaty, CCO of SparkBeyond said: “AI has equipped us with an unparalleled opportunity to generate business impact at scale by closing the technology gap. Our platform is a game-changing enabler for forward-thinking partners like Dexus who are looking to rewrite their value proposition.”

Last year, Dexus partnered with real estate innovation and venture capital firm, Taronga Ventures, on its RealTechX Growth Program, an innovation program set to propel emerging real estate technology businesses in Australia and Asia.


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