27 Mar 2017

Dexus launches its new brand

27 March 2017

Dexus launches its new brand

Dexus has launched its new brand today.

Our new brand has been created to represent who we are today and our future aspirations. Our new brand provides an opportunity to lift awareness, shift conversations and enhance value by demonstrating Dexus's point of difference in an undifferentiated market.

The brand reinforces Dexus as a property group that is innovative and customer focused. We are redefining the work place through progressive thinking and the courage to innovate; listening, learning, understanding and responding; being active now and in the future; and making the complex simple.

The core concept behind our new brand is that we bring multiple perspectives together and embrace life in full colour. We don’t see things in just one colour or in one dimension; we find better ways to shape workspaces, now and in the future.

Dexus CEO, Darren Steinberg said: “We're in exciting times right now because we're working with our customers to refine what is important to them in a work place and reimagining the concept of a workspace community.

“We're providing value-add services for our customers like car sharing and parking solutions, childcare, and flexible meeting and training facilities.”

We will take a phased approach to rebrand our buildings over the coming months. Please view our brand video to see how our new brand will come to life.


Dexus Investor

Rowena Causley

Head of Listed Investor Relations

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