10 Feb 2016

Dexus customers to benefit from GoGet partnership

10 February 2016

Dexus customers to benefit from GoGet partnership

Dexus (Dexus) has launched a new partnership with GoGet to bring the convenience of carshare to its customers. This is the first partnership of its kind to be implemented with a commercial landlord across a portfolio of Australian buildings.

Dexus Executive General Manager, People and Asset Solutions, Deborah Coakley said: “We are excited to form a partnership with GoGet to provide convenient and flexible alternative transport options to our customers. This unique partnership optimises the utilisation of vehicles, creating a more sustainable outcome.”

The GoGet offer will have the following benefits:

  • Access to more than 2,100 vehicles within major Australian CBDs and suburban locations, with a variety of vehicle types including sedans, vans, 4WD, luxury and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • An alternative to existing vehicle options, which will assist corporates’ use of fleet cars and taxis in an economically sustainable way
  • A flexible choice of transport options, encouraging customers to utilise public transport for commuting with access to a car during the day
  • Personal use of GoGet vehicles outside of working hours, including weekends

Group General Manager, Leasing, Chris Hynes said: “The Dexus GoGet partnership is part of our customer strategy to provide great amenities for the benefit of everyone who works within a Dexus building. The partnership will provide our customers with exclusive benefits, reducing transport costs both at a corporate level and for every individual within our buildings.”

GoGet Head of Locations, Christopher Vanneste said: “GoGet brings a sustainable mobility solution to Dexus without the large infrastructure costs associated with a typical sustainability project. Dexus’s visionary leadership means GoGet can scale up to meet the demands of our ever expanding membership base, which increasingly sees carshare as a necessity where they live and work.”

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