18 Oct 2021

Withdrawal of Resolution 4 for the 2021 Annual General Meeting

18 October 2021

Withdrawal of Resolution 4 for the 2021 Annual General Meeting

Dexus Funds Management Limited (DXFM) as Responsible Entity of Dexus notes that Resolution 4 in the Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM) released to the Australian Securities Exchange on 22 September 2021 for the AGM to be held on 19 October 2021, proposes a number of amendments to the Constitutions of each of the two Trusts that comprise Dexus.

One of the amendments relates to providing the Responsible Entity and Security holders with more flexibility in attending meetings by improving the Responsible Entity’s powers to hold hybrid or fully virtual meetings for the Trusts going forward, in light of the uncertainty caused by disruptions to the market such as the ongoing government restrictions. These amendments were known as the Virtual Meeting Amendments.

While it was proposed to hold fully virtual meetings only in exceptional circumstances, the Board of DXFM has become aware of reservations expressed about the use of virtual meetings by listed companies and has determined to withdraw Resolution 4.

The withdrawal of Resolution 4 does not affect the validity of proxy or direct votes already submitted in respect of the remaining items of business, which will be put to Security holders at the meeting.

Authorised by Brett Cameron, General Counsel and Company Secretary of Dexus Funds Management Limited



Rowena Causley

Head of Listed Investor Relations

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