01 Nov 2021

Initial settlement of Jandakot Airport, Perth

1 November 2021

Initial settlement of Jandakot Airport, Perth

Dexus announces it has completed the initial settlement of the acquisition of Jandakot Airport, Perth, acquiring 100% of Jandakot City Holdings Pty Ltd (JCH) and 49% of the company which owns the ground lease, Jandakot Airport Holdings (JAH) for circa $825 million1.

Dexus anticipates that Dexus Industria REIT (ADI) will settle on its 33.3% interest of each of JCH and JAH in mid-November 2021. Dexus intends to bring additional third party equity capital partners into the Jandakot structure prior to settlement of the remaining 51% of JAH, which would result in Dexus’s overall balance sheet interest in each of JCH and JAH reflecting an equal minority interest. Following the securing of equity commitments from additional third party capital partners and receipt of required regulatory approvals, settlement of the 51% remainder of JAH for $70 million is expected to occur in March 2022.

This transaction was originally announced to the Australian Securities Exchange on 23 September 2021.

Authorised by Brett Cameron, General Counsel and Company Secretary of Dexus Funds Management Limited


  1. Before acquisition costs. Comprised of $757 million for JCH plus an initial $68 million for JAH.



Rowena Causley

Head of Listed Investor Relations

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