01 Jul 2021

Additional information concerning Dexus on-market buy-back program

1 July 2021

Additional information concerning Dexus’s on-market buy-back program

Dexus provides additional disclosure on the Appendix 3C - Notification of buy-back announcements being made today as part of the Simplification to the Dexus corporate structure announced on 22 June 2021.

The attached Appendix 3C - Notification of buy-back is being issued as a final notification under Dexus’s existing four stapled trust structure.

A second Appendix 3C - Notification of buy-back (ASX online form announcement) will follow shortly after. This second Appendix 3C is being issued as an initial notification under Dexus’s two stapled trust structure, being Dexus Operations Trust and the new Dexus Property Trust.

Dexus confirms that these announcements relate to the Simplification only – the terms of the on-market buy back and the number of securities that may be bought back under it remain unchanged.

Authorised by Brett Cameron, General Counsel and Company Secretary of Dexus Funds Management Limited



Rowena Causley

Head of Listed Investor Relations

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