04 Jul 2017

Dexus Security Purchase Plan


4 July 2017

Dexus Security Purchase Plan

Dexus Funds Management Limited ("Responsible Entity”) as responsible entity for Dexus refers to its announcement on 27 June 2017 relating to a Security Purchase Plan (“SPP”).

Dexus now provides a copy of the SPP Booklet and Application Form, which will be mailed to Eligible Security Holders on 14 July 2017.

The SPP is a non-underwritten offer to Eligible Security Holders in Australia and New Zealand to raise an amount capped at $50 million1.

The timetable for the SPP is as set out in the announcement made on 27 June 2017 and Dexus confirms the following key dates:

Record Date for SPP Offer2 7.00pm Tuesday, 20 June 2017
Opening date: 9.00am Tuesday, 18 July 2017
Closing date: 5.00pm Tuesday, 8 August 2017
1 The Responsible Entity may (in its absolute discretion) decide to increase the cap to reduce or eliminate the need for Scale Back.
2 In addition, Security Holders with registered addresses in New Zealand are required to still be a registered holder as at the date of this announcement.


Dexus Investor

Rowena Causley

Head of Listed Investor Relations

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