Tax Information

Tax Information

Dexus Industria REIT (DXI) (formerly APN Industria REIT) was established and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange on 3 December 2013.

DXI is a stapled group and that means that each DXI Security comprises a unit or a share in each of the entities below that are stapled together, so that an individual unit or share in the entities may not be transferred or dealt with without the others.

  • Industria REIT No. 1
  • Industria REIT No. 2
  • Industria REIT No. 3
  • Industria REIT No. 4
  • Industria Company No. 1 Limited

For Australian tax purposes the consequences of amounts paid to security holders on their DXI Securities and the consequences of a sale of their DXI Securities requires an analysis of what is happening in respect of each of the four stapled units and one stapled share that make up a DXI Security.

Distributions and tax

Dexus Industria REIT pays distributions quarterly. The Australian tax components of the distributions received each financial year and guidance for Australian tax payers about how to record the distributions received in their tax returns are described in the Attribution Managed Investment Trust Member Annual Statements. Components of your distributions are available below:

FY23 tax summary

FY22 tax summary

2021 - 2014 tax summaries

Fund Payment Notices

Managed Investment Trusts like Dexus Industria REIT are required to provide specific information about  their distributions to the ASX to assist custodians to determine the amount of Australian withholding tax to deduct from on payment to investors. A historical record of these quarterly notices is available in our ASX Announcements section here.

AMIT Fund Payment Notices

30 June 2023  AMIT Fund Payment Notice

31 March 2023 AMIT Fund Payment Notice

31 December 2022 AMIT Fund Payment Notice

30 September 2022 AMIT Fund Payment Notice

30 June 2022 AMIT Fund Payment Notice

31 March 2022 AMIT Fund Payment Notice

31 December 2021 AMIT Fund Payment Notice

30 September 2021 AMIT Fund Payment Notice

Tax cost base information

The information below is designed to assist you in completing your tax return when you dispose of your Dexus Industria REIT stapled securities. As each security holder’s particular circumstances is different, we recommend you seek professional advice in relation to the taxation implications of your investment. Whilst every care has been taken in the preparation of this information, Dexus Industria REIT reserves the right to make amendments or corrections to the information.

Date  Industria Trust No.1 Industria Trust No.2 Industria Trust No.3 Industria Trust No.4 Industria Company No.1 Limited
30 June 2023  76.61% 3.55% 2.77% 1.88% 15.19%
31 December 2022 77.18% 3.70% 2.68% 1.74% 14.70%
30 June 2022 78.27% 4.25% 1.82% 1.70% 13.96%
31 December 2021 77.60% 4.56% 1.89% 2.51% 13.44%
30 June 2021 76.14% 4.99% 2.92% 2.28% 13.67%
30 June 2020 73.89% 5.66% 3.61% 2.20% 14.64%
30 June 2019 71.82% 6.32% 4.12% 2.48% 15.26%
30 June 2018 72.44% 6.40% 4.20% 2.74% 14.22%
30 June 2017 70.57% 7.10% 4.52% 3.40% 14.41%
30 June 2016 67.27% 7.37% 7.20% 3.67% 14.49%
30 June 2015 66.16% 7.13% 6.53% 4.66% 15.52%
30 June 2014 65.92% 7.93% 7.31% 3.99% 14.85%
Cost base of Dexus Industria REIT securities acquired in the Initial Public Offer (IPO)

If you acquired Dexus Industria REIT (formerly APN Industria REIT) securities as part of the Institutional Offer, Broker Firm Offer or the Priority Offer, the cost base per stapled security acquired is $2.00. For capital gains tax purposes this cost base is required to be apportioned between each entity comprising Dexus Industria REIT on a reasonable basis. One possible method of apportionment is on the basis of the relative Net Tangible Assets of the individual entities comprising Dexus Industria REIT at IPO. This is set out below:

Entity Allocation
($ per security)
Industria Trust No.1 1.3564739410
Industria Trust No.2 0.1618314471
Industria Trust No.3 0.1618314471
Industria Trust No.4 0.1014358420
Industria Company No.1 Limited
Cost base of Dexus Industria REIT securities for Australand Wholesale Property Fund 6 (AWPF6) investors who elected to retain securities

If you were an AWPF6 investor that elected to retain some or all of your securities, the establishment steps to create Dexus Industria REIT will mean that you are required to allocate your existing cost base of AWPF6 across each entity comprising Dexus Industria REIT. This is illustrated via the following steps:

Step 1 – Return of capital and subscription for new securities

AWPF6 investors that elected to retain some or all of their securities received a return of capital from Industria Trust No.1 (formerly Australand Wholesale Property Trust No.6 (AWPT6)) and Industria Trust No.2 (formerly Australand Wholesale Property Trust No.6A (AWPT6A)) which was then compulsorily applied to subscribe for new units in Industria Trust No.3 and Industria Trust No.4 and new shares in Industria Company No.1 Limited. This step is set out below:

Entity Return of capital per AWPT6 Unit
($ per security)
Return of capital per AWPT6A Unit
($ per security)
Compulsory acquisition of Dexus Industria REIT securities
($ per security)
 Industria Trust No.1 (formerly AWPT6)  -0.2115541042    
 Industria Trust No.2 (formerly AWPT6A)    -0.0252390450  
 Industria Trust No.3 (formerly WDPP)      0.0517221358
 Industria Trust No.4 (formerly BTPC)      0.0498641917
 Industria Company No.1 Limited (formerly ADHPL)      0.1352068216
   -0.2115541042  -0.0252390450  0.2367931492

As a result of the above step you may have realised a capital gain on the formation of Dexus Industria REIT if the aggregate of the capital return made (refer above) exceeded the reduced tax cost base of your investment in AWPT6 and AWPT6A units. Your reduced tax cost base is determined as the acquisition price paid for AWPT6 and AWPT6A units, less any tax deferred distributions or capital returns previously paid. We recommend that you contact your accountant or taxation adviser on this matter.

Step 2 – Subdivision of Units in the Trusts and Shares in Industria Company No.1 Limited

Following the completion of Step 1 above, a number of unit and share subdivision and consolidation steps occurred such that AWPF6 investors ultimately received 0.4915835539 units (rounded up) in Dexus Industria REIT for every AWPF6 security an investor elected to retain. As an example, if you elected to ‘roll over’ 10,000 AWPF6 securities you will have received 4,916 Dexus Industria REIT stapled securities.

As a result of the completion of the subdivision and consolidation steps described above, the resultant tax cost base will need to be reallocated proportionately across the revised number of units and shares in Dexus Industria REIT. This can be determined by dividing the tax cost base of each Trust or Company calculated after the completion of Step 1 by 0.4915835539.

Illustrative example

The above steps 1 and 2 are set out in the following illustrative example:

 Initial holding (stapled AWPF6 securities all converted to Dexus Industria REIT securities)  10,000
 Dexus Industria REIT securities owned post conversion  4,916
 Acquisition value (per stapled AWPF6 security)  $1.0000


Tax Cost Base assumptions AWPT6  AWPT6A 
 Assumed relative NTA allocation on acquisition date A  $0.9000  $0.1000
 Assumed tax deferred distributions and returns of capital received B  $0.2037  $0.0258
 Assumed reduced tax cost base  C = A-B  $0.6963  $0.0742


Illustrative Tax Cost Base calculation   AWPT6 (renamed to Industria Trust No.1) AWPT6A (renamed to Industria Trust No.2) Industria Trust No.3 Industria Trust No.4 Industria Company No.1 Limited
 Acquisition    $0.9000  $0.1000  -  -  -
Assumed tax deferred distributions received    ($0.2037)  ($0.0258)  -  -  -
     $0.6963  $0.0742  -  -  -
Step 1: Returns of Capital and subscription for new securities    ($0.2116)  ($0.0252)  $0.0517  $0.0499  $0.1352
   D  $0.4848  $0.0489  $0.0517  $0.0499  $0.1352
Step 2: Unit and share subdivision / consolidation – division factor  E  0.4915835539  0.4915835539  0.4915835539  0.4915835539  0.4915835539
   F = D/E  $0.9862  $0.0995  $0.1052  $0.1014  $0.2750


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