Investing in real assets

Dexus Australian Property Fund

Why invest with Dexus?

Dexus is one of Australia’s leading fully integrated real asset groups, managing a high-quality Australasian real estate and infrastructure portfolio valued at $61.0 billion. We believe that the strength and quality of our relationships will always be central to our success and are deeply committed to working with our customers to provide spaces that engage and inspire. 

We directly own $17.4 billion of office and industrial assets and investments. We manage a further $43.6 billion of investments in our funds management business which provides third-party capital with exposure to quality sector specific and diversified real asset products. The funds within this business have a strong track record of delivering outperformance and benefit from Dexus's capabilities. The group’s $17.4 billion development pipeline provides the opportunity to grow both portfolios and enhance future returns.

Why invest in real assets? 

Dexus's accessible and diverse range of investment options provide investors with direct exposure to quality Australasian real estate and infrastructure assets. Our focus on owning and actively managing a diverse range of real estate assets enhances risk-adjusted returns, offers less volatility than equities and is underpinned by a strong focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors. 

Dexus Corporate Profile

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Dexus Real Estate Quarterly Review

Q4 2023

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