Fund performance

Dexus Australian Property Fund

Fund performance

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As at 31 Dec 2023

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1 Year


3 Year


5 Year


Since Inception


Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Unit Prices

As at 31 Mar 2024








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  • Important note: The unit prices displayed in this section are indicative only

    The unit prices displayed in this section are indicative only.
    If unit prices are not available for today, then the latest available prices will be displayed. Unit prices are not calculated on weekends or public holidays.

    Our unit price discretion policy states where we may exercise certain discretions in determining the unit price of units on application or withdrawal in each investment option. View and download our unit pricing discretions policy on our policies page for the types of discretions that we may exercise, in what circumstances, how we exercise the discretions and the reasons why we consider our policies to be reasonable.

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    Unit prices are provided for your information only and are not guaranteed. They are based on historical data and you should not rely on the above information as the basis for making any investment, financial or other decision, as past unit prices are not a reliable indicator of future unit prices.

    During the time it takes to process an application or redemption application, the unit price may vary and the actual unit prices applying to applications and redemptions may differ from those displayed in this section. Actual unit prices can be confirmed on receipt of a completed application or redemption form.

    AMP Capital Funds Management Limited (ABN 15 159 557 72, AFSL 426455) or any company within the Dexus Group make no representation or warranty as to the reliability, completeness or accuracy of the unit price information, or accept any responsibility arising in any way (including by reason of negligence) for errors in or omissions from the unit price information.

    The information in this section is not an offer or recommendation of securities or other financial products offered by the AMP Group and is not an invitation to take up securities or other financial products. Investors should consider the relevant PDS available from us for the relevant fund before making any decision regarding the product.

  • Important note: Past performance
    Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

    Performance is annualised for periods greater than one year. Total returns are calculated using the unit price which uses the net asset values for the relevant month end. This price may differ from the actual unit price for an investor applying for or redeeming an investment. Actual unit prices will be confirmed following any transaction by an investor. Returns quoted are before tax, after fees and costs, and assume all distributions are reinvested.

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