Dexus Asian REIT Fund

The Dexus Asian REIT Fund (ARSN: 162 658 200) (APIR: APN0023AU) is a property securities fund that invests in a quality portfolio of Asian Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

A quality portfolio of Asian Real Estate Investment Trusts

The Dexus Asian REIT Fund (DXARF) is a property securities fund that invests in a quality portfolio of Asian Real Estate Investment Trusts. The fund primarily comprises REITs listed on the Asia Region securities exchanges, including but not limited to Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and New Zealand, but excluding Australia, as well as cash and fixed-interest investments.

The aim of DXARF is to provide investors with a consistent and relatively high level of income compared to the Benchmark1, combined with capital growth derived from investing in Asian REITs.

Unit Prices

As at 27 Mar 2023






Current running yield* as at 27 Mar 2023


Fund size as at 27 Mar 2023


Minimum investment


Income Distribution

0.98% p.a.

Management Cost

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  • Assumptions & Disclaimers
    • Past performance is not necessarily an indication of future performance

    • Returns and values may rise and fall from one period to another

    • Returns shown are net of fees and costs and are annualised for periods greater than one year

    • The performance figures reflect compounding as distributions are assumed to be reinvested as additional units

    • Investors’ tax rates are not taken into account when calculating returns

    • The information provided does not constitute financial product advice and does not purport to contain all relevant information necessary for making an investment decision. It is provided on the basis that the recipient will be responsible for making their own assessment on financial needs and will seek further advice about the investments as is considered appropriate.

Investment objectives

  • Provide investors with a consistent and relatively high level of income compared to the Benchmark2, combined with some capital growth, derived predominantly from investing in Asian REITs

  • Have a gross annual income yield (before management fees, expenses and taxes) that equates to at least 110% of the average yield of the Benchmark

  • Provide investors with some capital growth over a 5-7 year time horizon

  • Provide lower-than-market volatility3


  • Access to a diversified portfolio of underlying Asian commercial real estate 

  • Unlike many property securities funds which invest significantly on the basis of index weighting, Dexus determines the relative value of each property security

  • A disciplined investment strategy designed to reduce both market and specific risk

  • Monthly distributions

  • Limited exposure to higher risk earnings

  • Nil entry and exit fees

This fund is suited to

  • Investors seeking relatively high levels of income and the potential for some long-term capital growth

  • Investors with a medium to long-term time horizon

  • Investors wanting access to a diversified pool of quality Asian REITs

  • SMSFs – investors managing their own retirement

Financial Services Guide

Dexus Asset Management Limited has issued a financial services guide, available here.  If you would like to receive a hardcopy of the financial services guide, or an email containing the financial services guide, please contact Dexus Asset Management at or on 1800 996 456.

How to invest

Allotment or issue of securities in the Dexus Asian REIT Fund will be made only on receipt of an application form attached to a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) which has been lodged with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

To purchase units using the Fund Settlement Service, click here.

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1. Current running yield is calculated daily by dividing the annualised distribution rate by the latest entry unit price. Distributions may include a capital gains component. Distributions are not guaranteed and past performance is not an indication of future performance.

2. The average dividend yield from the GPR APREA Composite REIT Asia Index (in AUD) (GPR), in Australian dollars.

3. The Dexus Asian REIT Fund aims to provide lower than market volatility compared with the GPR APREA Composite REIT Asia Index (in AUD) (GPR) over a 5-7 year time horizon.

General risks apply. Dexus Asset Management Limited ACN 080 674 479, AFSL 237500 (DXAM) is the responsible entity and issuer of the Fund. Before making an investment in the fund you should consider important information about risks, costs and fees in the Product Disclosure Statement available here or by contacting Dexus on 1800 996 456.
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