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Dexus is a specialist leading manager of Australian real estate with $44.3bn under management

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What type of Investor are you?

An institutional investor is an organisation whose primary purpose is to invest its own assets or those it holds in trust for others. Institutional investors may include fund managers, superannuation/pension funds (industry, government or corporate).

Institutional Investors are eligible to invest in all Dexus Listed Funds, Unlisted Funds and Real Estate Securities

Financial Advisers are authorised to provide personal advice in relation to ‘relevant financial products’ (including complex investments) to investors. An authorised financial adviser will be listed on the Australian Financial Advisers Register.

Financial Advisers are eligible to invest in all Dexus Listed Funds and Dexus Real Estate Partnership 1 (DREP1).

Direct investors include Wholesale and Retail investors that invest directly into Dexus funds. A Wholesale Investor has assets of at least $2.5 million or gross income for each of the last two financial years of at least $250,000.  This is confirmed by a certificate provided by a certified accountant. A retail investor is any investor that does not met the criteria of a Wholesale Investor.

Direct Investors are eligible to invest in all Dexus Listed Funds and Dexus Real Estate Partnership 1 (DREP1).

Upcoming Events

Dexus is committed to delivering high levels of transparency and disclosure on its business activities.

DXS AGM 26 October 2022

DXI AGM 22 November 2022

Creating spaces where people thrive

Dexus is one of Australia’s leading fully integrated real estate groups, managing a high-quality portfolio valued at $44.3 billion. We invest only in Australia, and directly own $18.4 billion of office, industrial and healthcare properties, and investments. We manage a further $25.9 billion of office, retail, industrial and healthcare properties in our funds management business, which provides investors with exposure to quality sector specific and diversified real estate investment products.

The funds within this business have a strong track record of delivering outperformance and benefit from Dexus’s capabilities. The group’s $17.7 billion development pipeline provides the opportunity to grow both portfolios and enhance future returns.

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