New Research Reveals Demand for Workplace Childcare Not Being Met; Impacting Productivity

By Rebecca Derrington

It’s not enough for Australian businesses to provide stable and stimulating employment for staff in 2018. New national research reveals they want a whole lot more to be productive, including access to workplace childcare.

The Think Global research, commissioned by Dexus, explored what executives from growing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) around Australia are looking for to make their 2018 workspace an inspiring place to work.

With almost 3 in 4 Australian business executives indicating that their workspace directly impacts team engagement, productivity and job satisfaction, the importance of getting their office space right is vital for this growing sector.

But since less than half of the executives who want workplace childcare are currently being offered it, there appears a mismatch between what people want and what they’re able to access.

Realistically however, the infrastructure required for onsite childcare is beyond most SMEs, accounting for the low reporting of it being offered within the workplace nationally (15%), despite demand being more than double this amount (40%).

For those remaining 85 per cent of workplaces without onsite care for kids, the ability to help employees get priority access to childcare can be an appealing enticement when searching for the best place to ‘set up shop’.

In a market where competition for talent is fierce, being able to better satisfy this need adds to the business’ overall employee value proposition, a factor that Dexus has taken seriously.

Seriously enough in fact that the nation’s biggest landlord has partnered with Guardian Early Learning centres to create a program called ‘Childspace’, which provides priority access to childcare at any of the 100 Guardian Early Learning centres to any employee of a business housed in a Dexus building.

And that’s not all. Dexus is continuing to invest in products and services, that enhance not just productivity, but also job satisfaction and team engagement in their properties.

Dexus Place is an example. The concept expands on the collaborative co-working hubs for start-ups, and extends it to the larger SME sector.

Organisations are able to get together at Dexus Place and use the amenities for conferences, meetings and training rooms, even short-term office space.

The Think Global Research Workplace Report can be downloaded here.

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Dexus commissioned Think Global Research to conduct an online survey of 300 Australian business executives in growing SMEs who are responsible for, or influence decisions when choosing an office space.