Corporate governance

The framework and policies which govern how we operate 

Our governance approach

Dexus prides itself in ensuring the highest standard of corporate governance and is focused on fostering a culture of ethical conduct and best practice.

The Dexus Board believes that good corporate governance supports:

  • A culture of ethical behaviour resulting in an organisation that acts with integrity
  • Improved decision-making processes
  • Better controls and risk management
  • Improved relationships with stakeholders
  • Accountability and transparency

Dexus Funds Management Limited (DXFM) is the Responsible Entity of each of the four trusts that comprise Dexus and is also responsible for management of the group's third party capital partner investments.  To maintain best practice corporate governance across its funds and mandates, the Board has established a corporate governance framework to apply to these funds, capital partner investments.  Each year we review our policies and practices in accordance with best practice and the latest edition of the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s principles and recommendations.

Corporate Governance Statement

This Corporate Governance Statement was approved by the Board on 13 August 2019.

It includes a reconciliation of the ASX Corporate Governance Principles & Recommendations - Third Edition (ASX Principles) against Dexus’s governance framework which discloses how Dexus met each of the ASX Principles during the financial year ended 30 June 2019 (reporting period).

Corporate Governance Statement

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Appendix 4G - Key to Disclosures Corporate Governance Council Principles and Recommendations

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Our governance framework

The Board implements a corporate governance framework that applies to all DXFM funds, the Dexus Wholesale Property Fund (DWPF), the Healthcare Wholesale Property Fund (HWPF), capital partner investments and mandates.
Key documentation that outline our corporate governance framework, including Terms of References, Committee & Corporate structures and relevant policies, can be downloaded here:

Our constitutions

Dexus Funds Management Limited (DXFM) is the Responsible Entity of each of the four trusts that comprise Dexus and the Constitution of each trust is provided below:

Dexus Diversified Trust Constitution
Dexus Industrial Trust Constitution
Dexus Office Trust Constitution
Dexus Operations Trust Constitution