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Our Sustainability Aspiration 

In 2023, we refreshed our Sustainability Strategy, focusing on an increased alignment with the business’ strategy and evolving operations, including Dexus’s integration of AMP Capital.

Our Sustainability Strategy prioritises three areas for greater focus and investment, while identifying the foundational sustainability activities that will continue to support the business social licence to operate.


Supporting the prosperity of our customers through the investment, design, development, and management of real assets. Dexus’s products and services aim to support occupant wellbeing and sustainability performance. 


Focusing on climate action to accelerate the transition to a decarbonised economy, while also safeguarding and advancing our people, assets, property, and financial returns. 


Helping the communities around our assets through inclusive and accessible design and placemaking, and investment in infrastructure that creates social value.  


Effective management of sustainability risks and opportunities requires a level of attention to material sustainability issues that our business interacts with. We are committed to meeting stakeholder expectations in these foundational areas and creating the platform on which greater impact and value can be created through the priority areas. 

Implementing our sustainability strategy

  • Key outcomes and programs, both existing and potential new ones, are being developed for the sustainability priority areas
  • Roadmaps and action plans to support execution and delivery across the organisation are also being developed
  • Further details will be provided in future disclosures 

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Supporting reconciliation

As one of Australia’s leading fully integrated real estate groups, we operate on the lands of the Traditional Custodians and we recognise the important role that we have to play in contributing to the reconciliation movement in Australia. Our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan 2022-2023 forms the path forward for how our business will establish stronger relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and businesses, and support the economic participation and career development of First Nations people within the property industry.

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