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Casual leasing by Platform

A platform to showcase your brand

Dexus manages a diverse portfolio of office, industrial and retail precincts across Australia which provide the ultimate platform to showcase your brand.

Through our strategic approach, our Platform team can tailor your brand experience to the right demographic through our innovative channels.

We continually evolve and engage with our communities to access high quality audiences in over 143 office and industrial locations, and 12 retail centres. 

Our portfolio aims to deliver retail experiences that are tailored to the local demographic of each location. With over 70 million people movements in our CBD and retail destinations annually, and access to 150,000 office workers across major cities in Australia, our Platform team is well positioned to help you deliver a high-impact and effective brand-exposure campaign.

Product experiences

Whether you're looking to launch a new product or showcase your brand through media, samplings or events, Platform provides access to premium office and retail destinations across Australia.

Opportunities include:
  • Product demonstration
  • Short term pop-up shops
  • Large format media placement
  • Filming and TVC locations
  • Market research
  • Digital integration
  • Car park signage
  • Brand takeover showcase

Building experiences

Dexus is passionate about innovation and collaboration, and through our buildings, we can help you bring your brand showcase to life in a physical space – whether you're after a high-impact building projection solution or internal building advertising, Platform can tailor innovative solutions for your brand.

Platform pop-up spaces

Casual leasing opportunities are available in the following retail locations

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