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By partnering with Guardian Early Learning Group, Dexus can offer customers priority access to high-quality childcare across the network of Guardian Centres.

While your children can go straight to the top of the waiting list, your employees will be able to access care immediately when it’s available. That means you and your staff can get on with your workday knowing your children are in safe hands.

About Guardian Early Learning Centre

Guardian care for children and guide them as they explore and learn so they're ready for the next stage of their life. With over 110 centres across Australia today, Guardian is a place that families can trust, where educators thrive and children grow. Their mission is to be the highest quality provider of childcare and early learning for families in Australia. This vision is underpinned by the values of Respect, Passion, Excellence, Partnership, Recognition and Team Spirit.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Priority Childcare?

Childcare is a partnership between Dexus and Guardian Early Learning Group which provides Dexus customers with priority access to childcare spaces at any Guardian Centre.

What benefits does this program offer to Dexus customers?

Child Care provides Dexus customers with priority access arrangements that put your children at the top of the wait-list at any Guardian centre. Where there is availability, Dexus customers will be able to access care immediately.

Who can register for and access Childcare?

Priority access arrangements are available to Dexus customers and their partners who are primary carers and work within a Dexus building.

Where are Guardian Early Learning Centres located?

Please visit to discover your nearest Guardian centre.


How do Dexus customers enquire and enrol at a Guardian Early Learning Centre?

Enrolment enquiries can be made on the Guardian website.

Can I tour the centre before booking?

Absolutely! Guardian welcomes families to tour its centres and meet the centre manager and educators.

To book a local tour, call 13 33 98 or find your nearest centre.

Disclaimer: While Dexus has entered into an agreement with Guardian for priority of access to a large proportion of Guardian’s available childcare places, we can’t guarantee that you’ll secure a childcare space, whether in your preferred centre and/or on your preferred days. Guardian will manage and allocate all applications for available childcare spaces as they arise, whether your enquiries are made through us or through Guardian directly. We also advise that should your application be successful and you’re offered a childcare space, we’ll charge you a $225 + GST administration fee, which is payable only upon written confirmation of a placement.

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