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Dexus is proud to sponsor the Sydney Swans

Tested by the Sydney Swans content series

Dexus office space undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it’s ready for our customers to move straight in, tested by none other than the Sydney Swans!

The Swans team have tested different items on their ideal workplace checklist, including flexibility, high performance workspace and large open workspace. Watch the 2020 content series below.

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Dexus is proud to have partnered with the Sydney Swans since 2017

As a passionate team who want to make a difference, Dexus is excited to again partner with the Sydney Swans in 2020. Our purpose is to create spaces where people thrive, and this extends from our asset classes across office, industrial, retail and healthcare, to productive and high performing partners like the Sydney Swans.  

As an organisation we are focused on the health and wellbeing of our employees and our customers. We also give back to the community through various charitable partners. 

2020 series wrap-up - When filming doesn't go to plan

Season 3: Large open workspace

Season 3: High performance workspace

Season 3: Flexible workspace

Watch the boys causing mischief in the office in previous years...

The Bathroom
The Ruck
The Proposal
Crowded boardroom?
Unwanted assist?
Starving for space?

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