Sustainability performance 

Comprehensive reporting on how we create sustained value through best-practice management of environmental, social, and governance issues.

The Dexus strategy is underpinned by a commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Principles

Customer Prosperity

+40 Customer Net Promoter Score

6,763 Customers

$61.0bn value of group real asset portfolio

95.9% office portfolio occupancy

99.4% industrial portfolio occupancy

$17.4bn group real estate development pipeline

$2.5bn gross value added to the Australian Economy

Climate Action

100% of electricity sources from renewable sources in FY231

4.9 NABERS Energy Star-average rating across group office portfolio

4.5 NABERS Water Star-average rating across group office portfolio

3.3 NABERS Waste Star-average rating across group office portfolio

4.8 NABERS Indoor Environment Star-average rating across our group office portfolio

$2.5bn gross value added to the Australian economy 

1across our group managed portfolio

Enhancing Communities

>$0.6m value of community contribution

As at 30 June 2023

Dexus sustainability performance reporting

Our annual sustainability performance reporting provides the commitments, metrics, and case studies that explain why we are considered a global leader in sustainability.

2023 Integrated Annual Report

Download PDF

2023 Sustainability Approach & Data pack

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2023 Case Studies

Current and past reports

Industry guidelines and reporting framework

GRESB Real Estate

In 2023, 5-Star GRESB Ratings were awarded to the following entities: 

-Dexus (DXS)
-Dexus Wholesale Property Fund (DWPF)
-Dexus Healthcare Property Fund (DHPF)
-Dexus Office Partnership (DOTA)
-Dexus Office Trust (DOT)
-Dexus Wholesale Shopping Centre Fund (DWSF)

S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment

-2022 Global Real Estate Leader
-S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook Member

Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI)

-Signatory since 2010
-5-Star in 2023 Reporting Assessment
Investment & Stewardship Policy (score of 100/100)
Direct Real Estate (score of 98/100)

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