Future Enabled Customers and Strong Communities

Building constructive, enduring relationships with our customers, communities and suppliers to create value. 

Our capacity to create value depends on how well we support customer success, the strength of local communities and the capabilities of our suppliers

We understand the importance of high-performing workspaces for customer productivity and business success. We focus on maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction by listening to our customers and understanding their needs. Our comprehensive workspace offering provides advanced products and services that enable our customers to succeed today and into the future.

The relationships we build with local communities are critical, as these communities visit our properties and deliver the activity and vibrancy that makes them leading destinations. We support our retail centres to act as community hubs, providing the gathering space essential for community cohesion and wellbeing. 

We partner with our suppliers to achieve operational efficiencies, enhance customer amenity and deliver strong sustainability performance. We focus on worker health and safety and assist our suppliers to manage more complex risks in our supply chain.

Adding value for our customers, communities and suppliers  -
FY20 Performance


Office and industrial customer Net Promoter Score




Value of community contribution


Supplier partnerships

Future focus for Future Enabled Customers and Strong Communities

We remain dedicated to delivering an outstanding customer experience, sustaining our community contribution, and engaging with our suppliers. Commitments guiding us into FY21 and beyond include:

  • Maintain an office and industrial  customer Net Promoter Score above +40 

  • Support our customers' future workspace needs by delivering additional flexible space solutions

  • Implement initiatives associated with our healthy building strategy 

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A touchless, frictionless customer experience

Innovation led by the public demand for remote and touchless operations continue to drive the development of new products and solutions for buildings. At Gateway, 1 Macquarie Place, Sydney, Dexus is among the first in Australia, to create a fully integrated touchless experience in an office building. 

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Leveraging our portfolio to fight hunger

Dexus joined the fight to reduce hunger in Australia, partnering with FoodBank, Australia’s largest food relief organisation to provide support to those in need during the Christmas period and those communities that were impacted by the Australian bushfires of 2019-20.

The Foodbank drive ran from late November 2019 through mid-January 2020, collecting 185 boxes of food that supplied an estimated 2,951 meals to communities impacted by poverty, drought and fire. Altogether, the donated food weighed 1,639 kilograms – approximately the weight of a Holden Commodore

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Our sustainability approach

Our sustainability performance

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