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Dexus graduate program 

Discover the space where the curious thrive

Find out what you’re made of and discover passions you didn’t even know you had at Dexus, where there’s space to grow, learn and excel. Our Graduate Program is built around a two-year rotation, during which you’ll experience the four cornerstones of the property sector.

As a Dexus graduate, you’ll be completely immersed in every aspect of our working life, with full access to professional memberships, research and analysis, company-wide events and the support of senior members of the Dexus team. You’ll grow with ongoing mentoring, career development and support, and develop on a personal level through our wellbeing initiatives.


4 x 6 month rotations

Providing broad exposure 
across the business


Tailored Approach

Aligning to your
study and areas of interest


Learning and development

Ensuring your ongoing professional
and personal growth


Mentoring and networking

Starting with your grad cohort and extending all the way to industry networks

2022 applications

We are not currently accepting applications for the Dexus Graduate Program. The next opportunity to apply will be March 2022.

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