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At Dexus, our culture and spirit is what differentiates us. As a Dexus Graduate, you’ll immerse yourself in every aspect of working life, with full access to professional memberships, a carefully designed learning and development program, engagement in research and analysis, attendance across business-wide events, and the opportunity to be supported by our incredible Alumni Graduate cohort. You’ll be empowered with opportunities to connect and collaborate with various teams and leaders across the business so you can really own your experience as a Dexus Graduate!

Our two-year graduate program is made up of four diverse rotations offering you the opportunity to experience various cornerstones of our business.

You’ll grow professionally with ongoing mentoring, career development and support. You’ll grow personally through access to Dexus’s wellbeing initiatives, employee resource groups and connection to business networks. Our Graduates are also supported by, and eligible for, an array of Employee Benefits.

Our graduate program consists of:

• 4 x 6-month rotations on a permanent, full-time basis

• Thoughtfully crafted Learning and Development program to support your professional and personal growth

• Opportunities to work alongside experienced industry professionals and leaders passionate about graduate development

• Networking opportunities across the Graduate cohort and industry groups

• Ongoing support from your Buddy, Manager and Graduate Program Lead

2025 applications now open

Submit your application for the Dexus 2025 Graduate Program. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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  • Jade Curson (2nd year graduate, commenced 2023) 

    What are you enjoying about the Program? 

    What I love about the graduate program is its rotational structure, which allows me to gain practical experience and build connections, whilst figuring out exactly where my professional interests lie. 

    What does a day in your current rotation in the Investor Relations team look like? 

    Investor relations is the bridge connecting companies, investors, and stakeholders to achieve fair valuation. My role as a graduate is to support the team through gathering insights from investors, preparing for stakeholder engagement activities, as well as communicating key market considerations through daily internal coverage and financial reporting. 

    What sets the Dexus Graduate Program apart from other graduate programs? 

    The Dexus program stands out for its hands-on mentorship, facilitated by managers with extensive industry expertise, who are willing to foster and invest in your individual journey.

  • Lewis Der Sarkissian (Fund Portfolio Manager, alumni graduate, commenced 2015)

    What does a day in your role as Fund Portfolio Manager look like? 

    Something I enjoy about my role is its project-like nature (making each day different). Currently I am working on the sell-down of an energy opportunity to third party capital, and, completely separately, I am representing $2bn of investors in a related party transaction. 

    What was your most significant personal or professional achievement during your time as a Graduate? 

    I feel super fortunate to have been part of the deal team that successfully raised $500m via an institutional placement to acquire MLC at Martin Place in 2017. Contributing to, learning from, and working with good people on a complicated transaction was a lot of fun. 

    What advice would you give to our future Dexus Graduates? 

    Enjoy / lean into each rotation regardless of what it is (i.e. don’t focus on “what’s next” at the expense of your current rotation). i) I am constantly surprised at how much I still draw on all my rotations, ii) it makes the time in the rotation more enjoyable and iii) Having a good reputation / relationship with your prior managers is important long-term. 

  • Michelle Foong (Asset Manager, alumni graduate, commenced 2016) 

    What does a day in your role as an Asset Manager look like?  

    On a typical day, I’ll either be reviewing leasing deals, capital projects or providing recommendations to fund managers. When I’m out at the shopping centres, I mostly spend time with the on-site team walking the site and talking through any leasing or operational challenges.  

    How did your time as a Graduate shape your professional identity and goals?  

    Graduates are in a fortunate position of being able to meet and work with many people around the business. It helped me develop a deeper understanding of property and forced me to adapt, be proactive and learn to quickly build relationships. 

    What do you like about working at Dexus?  

    The people! Smart, hard-workers and will always find time to help.  

  • Chyren Amarsee (Transactions Analyst, alumni graduate, commenced 2022) 

    What does a day in your role as Transactions Analyst look like? 

    As a Transactions Analyst, my day involves aiding the team in evaluating and executing deals, preparing deal origination analyses, pricing assets, and conducting market research. 

    What makes Real Assets an exciting space to be in over other industries? 

    I appreciate the appeal of tangible assets. Witnessing their development over time and observing their positive influence on both the community and the environment is truly rewarding. 

    If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice when you started the program, what would it be? 

    Consider making it a goal to connect with one or two individuals within your business area/rotation each week, whether they’re part of your organisation or outside of it. 

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