Our strategy

Delivering superior risk-adjusted returns for investors

Dexus's strategy is to deliver superior risk adjusted returns for investors from high-quality real estate in Australia's major cities.

Delivering superior risk-adjusted returns means outperforming the relevant three and five-year benchmarks in each market in which Dexus owns or manages properties while providing Dexus Security holders with sustainable and growing distributions.

We have two strategic objectives that underpin this strategy:

  • Leadership in office: being the leading owner and manager of Australian office property
  • Funds management partner of choice: being the wholesale partner of choice in Australian property

Our strategic approach


Leadership in office

Funds management partner of choice

Leadership in office is an aspiration that is supported by our scale. As the largest office owner and manager in Australia, we have scale that provides many advantages.

Our scale supports the generation of investment outperformance through providing valuable customer insights and the opportunity to invest in people, systems and technologies that enhance our customers’ experiences. It also enhances our ability to find the ideal workspace solution for customers and generates cost efficiencies.

Our objectives of leadership in office and funds management partner of choice are complementary. Our success in the office sector has enabled Dexus to attract investment partners not just in office but also in the industrial, retail and healthcare sectors, in turn providing the opportunity to deliver investment outperformance for those third party capital partners.

Our key business activities


Our strategy is underpinned by our business activities of developing, managing and transacting properties.

To generate superior risk-adjusted returns for investors, it is necessary that for each asset we own or manage, we maximise cash flow and unlock value over the investment lifecycle.

We do this through applying our transactional, asset and property management expertise to drive earnings and create value across three areas of focus: property portfolio, funds management and trading.

Earnings drivers

Property portfolio

Dexus owned office and industrial portfolio is the largest driver of financial value.

Funds management

Providing access to wholesale sources of financial capital and a steady annuity-style income stream.


Packaging of properties to generate trading profits.

What sets Dexus apart? 

Quality real estate portfolio located
across key Australian cities

High performing funds management
business with diverse sources of capital

Development and trading business that unlocks value

Talented, engaged, inclusive and
diverse workforce

Scalable customer offering

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