Industry Support

Dexus is committed to being a leader in Diversity and Inclusion throughout the property industry. We actively participate in the industry and community to facilitate and lead the property industry with Diversity and Inclusion.

Property Council of Australia - Property Male Champions of Change

The Property Council established the Property Male Champions of Change to drive gender equality in the historically male‚Äźdominated property industry and achieve a significant and sustainable increase in the number of women in senior leadership roles.

The initiative builds on the transformational work achieved by the founding Male Champions of Change group, established in April 2010 by Elizabeth Broderick, former Sex Discrimination Commissioner of the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Convened by Carol Schwartz AM, Dexus CEO, Darren Steinberg is an active and supporting member of the Property Male Champions of Change.

Property Council of Australia - Property Male Champions of Change


Property Council of Australia - 100 Women in Property

The 100 Women in Property is a program running concurrently around the country between April and December providing sponsorship by an experienced colleague.

The Sponsor will assist the participant to grow their industry networks, gain visibility in their organisation, role model and advocate together with key influencers with a view to enhancing the participant’s future opportunities and career growth. Participants also gain valuable insights into the role of a committee member through attendance at a committee meeting of their preference during the year.

Dexus has sponsored 5 Women in this program in the last 12 months and varying focus areas within the Company.

Property Council of Australia – 100 Women in Property


Superannuation Gap for Parents

Dexus has remain committed to bridging the gap for parents. Taking significant time off in your career can have large effects on your superannuation at retirement.  Dexus will continue to contribute to your superannuation whilst you are on unpaid primary parental leave.

Superannuation Gap for Parents