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Find the right place to engage and inspire your people, your customers, and your future.

Your next strategic direction

When your next move means finding quality commercial offices, health spaces alongside complementary practices, or a warehouse for lease in the ideal location for your business, where do you need to go? At Dexus, we can help you find that answer. Whether it’s up-sizing, right-sizing, or moving closer to where the action is, we have the perfect Dexus space to set your future in motion.



Space for a bigger future

A good leader knows it’s not the last decision you made that matters most; it’s the next one. When the future calls, we’ve got you covered with our quality assets. From health spaces to office buildings to industrial warehouses - whatever asset class, unique fit-out, or workspace requirements you need - we’re the partner you want by your side to ensure your business makes a statement. 


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The right place at the right time – for your business

Is your business close enough to key transport hubs? Can your patients enjoy a range of best-in-class treatments in a single convenient location? Do your people love coming into the office to connect, collaborate and enjoy what’s around them to get the most out of their day? 

Where you position your business is more important than ever. From resetting workplace culture to elevating client appeal, Dexus works alongside you to take your business to the next level. 


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