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The way we work is changing

Change is the norm in today’s world and there is no better example of this than the accelerated changes needed to respond to the Covid pandemic. We believe that your work environment can be the positive catalyst for organisational and cultural innovation to future proof your business.

Six Ideas by Dexus is an independent strategic workplace and change management consulting service, that can help you align the workplace with your organisational goals and strategy. Whether a commercial, research, government, education or healthcare organisation we understand the diversity and difference of specialised work environments.

Delivering comprehensive, evidence-based solutions to complex problems

Our team works with you to develop transformational workplace strategies that will shape your work environment to support innovation and inspire a positive employee and customer experience.

We can show you how to embrace change to gain competitive advantage and build a sustainable, high-performance work environment.

Trust, flexibility and work-life balance are important to people, and wellbeing is front and centre. What is required in a workplace strategy is a genuine people-centred approach not just metrics. 

To create your ideal workplace we undertake a sequential assessment of your people, processes, technologies and current work environment. We start with your key objectives and aspirations, the needs of your staff and your services as they are now and will evolve over time. This approach ensures that your future workspace is tailored to support your business strategy. Our intensive and collaborative user research and stakeholder engagement are key to getting the best outcome.

"Six Ideas brought the expertise and skill that engendered confidence in the strategic process and the outcomes it generated. We did not feel like we were getting a cookie cutter process or system generated conclusions; but rather a true partnership in exploring how our workplace can empower employees to be more responsive to our customers and productive for our shareholders, as well as a great place to work"

APAC Head Corporate Real Estate and Workplace Services Global Insurance Company

As specialists in workplace strategy and change management we’ll guide you through the complexities of transforming the way your organisation works into one delivering sustained financial, social and environmental value.

To learn more about how we can assist you, contact us below:

Chris Alcock

Principal - Workplace Consulting

Daniel Quinn

Principal - Workplace Consulting

Dr Kirsten Brown (PhD)

Principal - Workplace Consulting

For further details about our services and experience, download our Workplace Consulting booklet here.  

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