Brand FAQs

The Dexus brand guidelines can be downloaded here

When is the new Dexus brand launching?

On the 27th March 2017 the brand will be launched to the broader market and rolled out nationally in the coming months.

Why has Dexus decided to rebrand?

The workspace is so much more than the physical environment we spend time in and we believe that our branding should represent the diverse range of services we offer our customers therefore Dexus has decided to move forward with a flexible, fun and engaging brand that supports this direction.

What does the Dexus brand stand for?

Our vision is to continually surprise and delight customers through sector-leading service and initiatives that shape and respond to the dynamically evolving workplace.

What is the customer value proposition?

To deliver the widest range of premium services and property, managed with great depth of innovative thinking and high levels of professional expertise.

What’s the key take out messaging?

In a nutshell, Dexus has a commitment to put our customers first and working with our partners to achieve positive outcomes. We prefer to keep things simple. We have cut out unnecessary words and jargon and get to the point. We want to be intelligent and insightful, but we also want to be approachable and friendly. We are customer focused – and place our customers and their needs at the centre of everything we do.

How do I apply it in everyday conversation?

The ‘BBQ conversation’ is a simple paragraph that helps our partners to explain the Dexus business in a clear, yet approachable manner.

Hi, I work with Dexus, the property group that owns and manages some of Australia’s best office, retail and industrial properties. They’re all about creating environments that inspire people to come to work and feel a sense of community.

What does the new branding look like when used in leasing support materials?

Please view material examples on the last pages of the brand cheat sheet

Who do I contact for assistance?

For further information, assets or resources please contact Brand and Corporate Marketing:

Wendy Yee - Senior Manager, Brand and Corporate Marketing
+61 2 9017 1266

Where do I find the Dexus design guidelines?

You can download the brand cheat sheets here. This contains all of the information around colour usage, logos, fonts, messaging, creative application and more.

If you would like more detail on any of the Dexus brand elements please email

What does the new brand mean for our leasing agents?

From the 27th you will start to see the new Dexus brand in market that offers a fresh new perspective on the traditional office, industrial and retail leasing marketing. Taking a bold new approach nationally, the new benefits for internal and external leasing teams will experience is broad but the goal is to ensure the following for our leasing partners:

  • Consistency - Within market with a strong and vibrant brand identity
  • Excellence - Marketing excellence and experience created within Dexus buildings and in the communications we deliver
  • A Single Voice - A new and more approachable voice and key customer messaging

What will new leasing boards look like?

The majority of leasing boards will take a bold new approach and will look to be re-skinned on Monday the 27th with a phased approach applied to the rest of our onsite branding.

An example of leasing board creative is displayed below

Industrial Board Example Leasing Board Example

Where can I find more information on Dexus customer services such as Dexus Place, Childspace etc?

To view the full range of Dexus value add customer services such as access to Childcare, Onsite Go Get parking and meeting facilities please visit the Dexus website for more information -