How to get your people 'raring to go' in 2018

By Rebecca Derrington

Employers need to revisit what’s on offer in their workplace to inspire the best in their people, with the latest research supporting the notion that if your workplace doesn’t work properly, your people can’t either.

Commissioned by Dexus, the independent research examined what executives from growing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) around Australia are looking for to make their 2018 workspace productive.

The findings suggest that low workplace satisfaction is linked to a workforce that’s indifferent or ‘concerned’ about the year ahead. Conversely, high levels of workplace satisfaction are likely to result in a motivated team who are ‘raring to go’.

So, what makes up a workspace that drives your people to optimal performance? And how can you help your team through their back-to-work blues?

Aussie executives compiled a ‘wish list’ of what will get them over the line in 2018, with a communal rooftop/outdoor area topping the list with support from 49 per cent of those surveyed.

But with few SMEs able to offer access to this amenity, the great challenge for businesses is to find accommodation that does, and innovative property owners are responding to the call for these sunlit areas by incorporating community parklands and balconies into their developments.

But that’s not all that executives in SMEs want. Other valued items on the list include:

  • an onsite gym (47%)
  • a quiet or ‘chill out’ zone (45%)
  • health and wellbeing classes (43%)
  • flexible work conditions (43%)
  • a community garden (42%)
  • a communal eating space (37%)

Viewed as a snapshot of the overall findings, this confirms that among the top priorities for business leaders in growing SMEs is accommodating their employees’ needs around flexible workspaces, an improved sense of connectedness with their teams and work-life balance.

And while some argue that workplace flexibility and mobility lessen the opportunities for team collaboration, this is definitely not the case.

That’s likely to be because savvy SMEs understand that greater levels of productivity are intrinsically linked to collaboration.

For a truly productive and engaged team, collaboration is key, with studies showing that when employees collaborate they work 15 per cent faster and are 70 per cent more likely to innovate. [Source: Deloitte Access Economics, The Collaborative Economy, 2014]

Accordingly, property owners like Dexus are committed to designing office spaces that make it easy for employees to collaborate to not only maximise their productivity but to also fulfil their need for social interaction.

Facilities like Dexus Place offer highly versatile workspaces that enable organisations to access collaborative spaces for a customised purpose when needed, like a training session, strategy meeting or conference venue.

The Think Global Research Workplace Report can be downloaded here.

Back to Your Place to Grow

Dexus commissioned Think Global Research to conduct an online survey of 300 Australian business executives in growing SMEs who are responsible for, or influence decisions when choosing an office space.