Smart Buildings

A smart business keeps up with technology – using it create new opportunities, increase productivity, and revolutionise the way work is done.

That’s why at Dexus, we’re committed to creating Smart Buildings. Through constant research and investment in emerging technology and changing customer needs, we’re able to offer something truly valuable to our customers who want to attract top talent, and keep their people happy.

To do this, we invest in three key areas.

Safety - We use next generation CCTV where cameras ‘think for themselves’ without need for monitoring by humans. Traditional access cards aren’t the only option for secure entry, people can use mobile phones, or even biometrics (where appropriate) to enter the building. And of course, keeping our buildings safe from cybercrime is paramount.

Connectivity - it goes without saying that a good business is well connected to the world. That’s why we insist on in-building cellular coverage, and future proofing for developments like 5G. We also offer Wi-Fi, data and voice in tenant space to cater for more of your workspace needs. Our goal is a plug-and-play move-in experience, with a top grade secure network.

Wellness - we harness the power of technology to ensure a happier and healthier workplace. Our location-based services, visitor management, and Dexus App will keep you in touch with your environment and colleagues. Our buildings should be inclusive, and we invest in accessibility technology to help achieve that vision.