Our Strategy

Our vision is to be globally recognised as Australia’s leading real estate company.  

Our strategy is to deliver superior risk adjusted returns for investors from high quality Australian real estate, primarily comprising CBD office buildings.

We have two key strategic objectives:

  • Being the leading owner and manager of Australian office property
  • Being the wholesale partner of choice in Australian property

Our strategy is underpinned by our core capabilities. This includes having the best people, strongest customer  relationships, and utilising the most efficient systems and technologies, while actively managing our capital and risk in a prudent and disciplined manner.

We believe in the benefits of scale in core CBD office markets. Scale provides us with valuable customer insights and the opportunity to invest in people, systems and technologies that enhance our customers’ experience, strengthening our capacity and flexibility to find the ideal workspace solution for customers in more than one location.

Our strategy has four key elements:

1. Using our understanding of customer needs as a primary driver for making investments

We understand what drives tenant demand and focus on investing in or developing high quality office and industrial properties in prime locations, which enables access to facilities and amenities which are sought after by our customers. We foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement leveraging our multi-sector capabilities to develop new offerings to meet the changing needs of our customers and continually improve the amenity of our assets through property enhancements. This includes leveraging our retail capabilities (used for third party shopping centres) to activate and enhance the retail offerings at the base of our office towers.

2. Intense focus on investment performance

We have an intense focus on investment performance which ensures we are active across the real estate cycle through leasing, acquiring, developing or recycling properties. For Dexus investors this includes generating trading profits from properties where we have identified a higher and better use, and involves developing or repositioning and divesting these properties for a profit.

3. Partnering with third party clients to grow in core markets

We partner with third party clients to increase our access to properties and grow in core markets. The funds management platform leverages our office, industrial and retail capabilities combined with our scale in CBD office markets to drive performance for our third party clients.

4. Maintaining a conservative approach to financial and operational risk

Dexus has a strong ‘A-’ Standard & Poor’s credit rating and ‘A3’ investment grade rating from Moody’s. These ratings are the result of measuring, pricing and managing risk in a prudent manner. The significant amounts of capital attracted from third party clients are an endorsement of our approach to investing and managing risk.

We consider corporate responsibility and sustainability an integral part of our daily business operations. Our approach supports our strategy with an overarching goal of delivering sustained value for all stakeholders.