Corporate Policies - Environmental Standard

At Dexus, we aim to protect and enrich the environment by maximising resource productivity to reduce environmental impacts in the development, management and refurbishment of properties and create adaptive, enduring and inspiring places for future generations.

We recognise we have a duty of care to our stakeholders: investors, customers, employees, agents and the wider community, to sustain and protect the environment during the management of our property portfolio, and ensure environmental obligations receive equal importance to our commercial and competitive obligations.

Dexus acknowledges the United Nations Sustainable Development goals advocating for responsible consumption and production of resources, together with stakeholders’ expectations for Dexus to develop and manage properties that make a positive environmental impact.

We understand the increasing environmental and social challenges caused by climate-related impacts to the environment and their effects on our communities, and we recognise our role to limit those long-term effects of human-induced climate change in line with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

We seek to enhance property and portfolio climate resilience by minimising our greenhouse gas emissions impact, adapting for change and influencing across our value chain. Dexus is committed to transitioning to a low carbon future through the Group’s target to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.


Download the Environmental Policy and Statement PDF