Auditor Independence Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that Dexus's auditor carries out the statutory audit function in a manner which is at all times demonstrably independent of the Group.

l Sydney CBD

For this purpose, the standard adopted by the Group for determining independence is the highest standard imposed by legislation (including the Corporations Act 2001 and the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002), regulation or Australian or international auditing standards that are applicable:

(a) to an Australian listed entity or
(b) to Dexus by reason of any other aspect of the Group's business operations or activities

Dexus recognises that its relationship with its auditor is unique based on the auditor’s access to the Group's personnel and its books and records, knowledge of the Group's history and the industry within which Dexus operates. As a consequence there are certain non-audit services which the auditor is well placed to provide in a cost efficient and timely manner.

This Policy provides guidelines under which Dexus may engage the auditor to provide nonaudit services without impairing the auditor's objectivity or independence. It also identifies the roles and responsibilities of the auditor, the Group's executives and the Board Audit Committee in implementing this Policy.

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