Principle 6 - Respect the rights of security holders

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6.1 Annual General Meeting

The Board conducts an Annual General Meeting (AGM) increasing the number of opportunities it interacts with Dexus Security holders.

Each AGM is designed to:

  • Supplement effective communication with Security holders
  • Provide them with access to balanced and readily understandable information
  • Increase the opportunities for participation
  • Facilitate Security holders’ rights to appoint Non-Executive Directors to the Board of DXFM

Dexus recognises the importance of Security holder participation at the AGM and supports and encourages that participation.

The Group’s policy is that all directors attend the AGM, and in 2017 all directors attended the AGM.

The external auditor of the Trusts attends each AGM and is available to answer questions regarding the conduct of the audits of the Trusts’ financial records and their Compliance Plans, as well as the preparation and content of the Auditor’s Report.

Dexus engages an independent service provider, Link Market Services, to conduct any Security holder vote required at the AGM. To facilitate participation, the AGM is webcast live and archived for viewing on Dexus’s website for those Security holders unable to attend the meeting. The results of voting on the items for the formal business of the meeting are released to the market and posted to Dexus’s website after the AGM.

6.2 Stakeholder communication

In addition to conducting an AGM, the Group has an investor relations and communications strategy that promotes an informed market and encourages participation with investors. This strategy involves providing an open and ongoing two-way dialogue with the investment community and other key stakeholders that integrates the communication of financial and operational performance and regulatory reporting requirements.

Annual and half-year financial results presentation briefings with institutional investors and analysts are webcast and made available to all investors on Dexus’s website.

Dexus also provides a comprehensive online Annual Reporting Suite comprising the Annual Report, Financial Statements, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability performance reporting, results presentations and its property synopsis and debt summary report. Dexus’s website enables access to ASX announcements and media releases, annual and half year reports, presentations and analyst support material. Investors can subscribe to alerts from the website to receive communications from Dexus immediately after release. The website also provides historical distribution and tax information and includes an “investor login” section to enable Security holders to update their details directly and download statements from Link Market Services.

Dexus maintains an Investor Relations app available for iPhone, iPad and Android users that provides Security holders with instant access to corporate and stock information such as recent announcements, results reporting and research reports. Dexus has LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles which enables it to ‘push’ news stories and ASX releases to its large network of Dexus followers.

Enquiries received from Dexus Security holders are addressed in a timely manner in accordance with Dexus’s policy on the handling of enquiries and complaints. Security holders are given the option to receive communications from, and send communications to, Dexus and Link Market Services electronically (where permitted by law).

The Executive General Manager, Investor Relations, Communications and Sustainability is responsible for all stakeholder activities and communications and reviews and approves communications in accordance with Dexus’s material approval process.

The Investor Communications Policy is available at