Thriving People

Dexus helps people thrive by delivering healthy, productive working lifestyles and environments to its employees, customers and communities.

Dexus employs over 350 people, located predominantly on the eastern seaboard of Australia, with the majority of our employees located in its head office in Sydney. The Group's expert team of property professionals has a wealth of experience in asset and property management, development, property funds management and operations.

Dexus's ability to harness the expertise of its employees and commitment to delivering high performance outcomes, creates value and builds strong relationships with its customers and the community. This aids the growth and long-term success of the organisation and its customers' businesses.


Dexus values

Dexus's corporate culture is built on the following values: Excellence, Integrity, Empowerment, Innovation and Collaboration. Dexus believes these values describe the key characteristics of a positive working environment.


Dexus's Group Management Committee (GMC) is the leadership team responsible for delivering the strategic direction. The Executive General Manager (EGM) Customer and Marketing has overall operational responsibility for Dexus's employment, labour management, training and education policies.

FY19 Commitments

Dexus sets annual performance commitments to drive continuous improvement in line with our Sustainability Approach:

  • Continue to build a constructive and diverse culture and progress towards our gender diversity target of 40:40:20 by FY21
  • Build workforce capability to deliver our strategy today and in the future

Material issues

The following employee issues are material to Dexus:

  • Diversity and Inclusion: An inclusive workplace with a diversity of views is a driver of competitive advantage. Diversity means valuing an individual's race, colour, gender, age, religious belief, ethnicity, cultural background, economic circumstance, human capacity, expression of thought and sexual orientation as well as their experiences, skills and capabilities to create a business environment that encourages a range of perspectives
  • Workplace health and safety: Dexus has a duty of care to employees, as well as investors, customers, agents and the wider community to ensure all work health and safety risks are appropriately managed 
  • Wellbeing: People spend a significant amount of their working time indoors. In addition, mental state, access to quality water and nutritious food, and ability to exercise have profound impacts on people’s health, happiness, productivity and wellbeing. Dexus values its employees and recognises the importance of their health and wellbeing to drive performance 
  • Employee engagement and retention: Enthusiastic and engaged employees are most likely to remain at Dexus and contribute positively, leading to better productivity outcomes and lower recruitment costs. Dexus is focused on creating and supporting a culture where employees are engaged and enthusiastic about the business and their professional development
  • Training and development: Professional development is a core component of recruiting and retaining a talented workforce. Dexus supports the ongoing learning and growth of employees by providing a structured learning and development environment


Dexus's approach

Dexus promotes communication and transparency throughout its business to ensure its people are aware of the goals and outcomes required to deliver its business strategy and progress key objectives.

Dexus aims to achieve an engaged and motivated workforce by:

  • Championing change
  • Creating healthy, productive and inspiring workspaces
  • Empowering people

Dexus strives to create a work environment that encourages and promotes a healthy work-life balance. The Group offers flexible working hours, paid parental leave and continuity of superannuation throughout unpaid parental leave to assist employees to manage their personal and work commitments. It also supports a smooth transition from full-time parenting to returning to work, either part-time or full-time.

Implementing our approach


Measuring our performance

Dexus’s annual Sustainability Performance Pack provides the most comprehensive review of current trends for key metrics, with historical comparison spanning the past five years.


Dexus invests responsibly in its people and provides a safe, flexible and enjoyable work environment. Dexus policies guide employees through workplace issues. These policies include:

Further information is available in the People and Culture Disclosure on Management Approach.