Strong Communities

Nurturing well-connected, prosperous and supported communities in and around our buildings.
Dexus recognises that it has a social responsibility to invest in initiatives which strengthen communities. We value having open, honest and engaging relationships with the communities in which we operate in and the mutual benefit these deliver.

The key objective of Dexus's community development activities is to actively support the communities where our properties are located as well as provide a way for our employees to engage with the community.

What is a strong community?

Dexus aims to develop strong communities focused on the health, prosperity and resilience of people and places, with our precincts enhancing the wellbeing, inclusiveness, accessibility and safety of its customers and visitors.

Dexus's approach

We apply a focused management approach to community collaboration and safety, and actively support local communities through: 

  • Community engagement - Corporate giving including donations, sponsorships, event partnerships, in-kind support and volunteering
  • Connecting with local communities - Connecting with customers and communities across Dexus retail centres, collaborating with local councils, chambers of commerce and industry groups on community issues
  • Community hubs - Creating community hubs for work and recreation at Dexus’s sub-regional shopping centres and across the city retail precincts which are connected to CBD office properties
  • Community safety - Interacting with local authorities and the community to proactively maintain safe precincts. Retail centre management works with at-risk youth through local youth groups and schools on steps to build safer communities
  • Community investment - Consulting with the community on new developments and refurbishments to address community concerns, and for new developments incorporating features that benefit customers and the community
  • Creating vibrant working environments - Connecting with customers at a property level to make their office and industrial buildings and the communities they serve vibrant and safe
  • Communities that supports women - Supporting women in the property industry through involvement in forums and events that raise awareness of gender equality and unconscious bias and urge action for change

FY19 commitments

Dexus sets annual performance commitments to drive continuous improvement in line with our Sustainability Approach:

  • Collaborate with a community partner to provide a holistic approach to creating healthy, enriched and productive customers and building communities
  • Streamline our community fundraising approach, providing our customers the opportunity to input into the allocation of funds raised
  • Collaborate on an industry-wide approach to assessing supply chain sustainability, and conduct due diligence in alignment with modern slavery reporting requirements

Material issues

The most material community-related issues for Dexus are:

  • Health and safety: Dexus has a duty of care to ensure its properties are safe and have healthy working and recreational environments
  • Community investment: Dexus is a major stakeholder in the communities where it operates, investing in the community via corporate giving, community collaborations and investing in infrastructure for the benefit of communities

Additional information on our material issues and how we manage them can be found within our assessment of material issues and our Customers and Community Disclosures on Management Approach.

Implementing our Approach



Dexus's Corporate Responsibility, Inclusion & Diversity Committee (CRID) monitors and manages Dexus's community engagement programs. CRID reports directly to our People and Remuneration Committee and comprises business-wide representatives.

The Committee annually reviews the community engagement strategy, responsible for maintaining regular contact with charity partners and implementing the community approach across the business. The Committee also sets and tracks performance against annual targets, collating the value and benefit to community of its corporate responsibility program.

Measuring our performance

Dexus’s annual Sustainability Performance Pack provides the most comprehensive review of current trends for key metrics, with historical comparison spanning the past five years.