Future Enabled Customers

Preparing our customers for the future through enabling flexibility, productivity and growth.

As part of our commitment to customer service and innovation, we offer destinations that support our customers' businesses and enhance employee engagement.

Dexus has more than 5,000 customers across our office, industrial, retail and healthcare properties, varying in size from small businesses to major corporate and government organisations.   


What are future enabled customers?

Our customers’ needs are rapidly evolving. To ensure they are equipped for the future, they require agile office space solutions from minutes to years, just-in-time to cater for immediate needs, yet rapidly scalable for future expansion.

Customers are increasingly demanding sustainable infrastructure to align with their environmental and social responsibility requirements as well as their own business drivers.

They expect high levels of customer service and seek property partners that can innovate and adapt to capitalise on business opportunities and maximise productivity.

Our customers also engage, empower and prioritise their employees and seek a whole customer experience that focuses on building amenities, precinct liveability and occupant health and wellbeing.

Dexus's approach

We pride ourselves on delivering the best customer experience in Australian real estate.

We provide a coordinated and integrated customer experience. Dexus's customer experience strategy and customer service charter is focused on enhancing the tenant experience to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. Our objectives are delivered through five implementation approaches:

  1. Partnering with customers to meet their needs and deliver exceptional customer service
  2. Community – creating a hub for building occupants and visitors through events, concierge services and sustainability initiatives facilitated by community managers and retail onsite centre management teams
  3. Products and services - providing a range of value added services at its properties to support comfort and productivity
  4. Customer insights – connecting with customers to collect and respond to their feedback, as well as provide them with relevant information and services
  5. Intelligent buildings – operating safe, efficient, connected, high-performing assets

FY19 commitments

Dexus sets annual performance commitments to drive continuous improvement in line with our Sustainability Approach:

  • Expand our customer offering to include products and services that enable our customers to respond to the dynamically evolving workplace
  • Extend partnerships with 25 wellness providers within Wellplace, which customers of all sizes can access
  • Deploy more than 15 smart technologies within the 100 Mount Street, North Sydney development to deliver a better customer experience, optimise workforce productivity and wellbeing and improve the building’s sustainability performance

Material Issues

Material issues relating to our customers include:

  • Market volatility: Market volatility risks affecting retail, office and industrial leasing including balancing supply and demand and absorption of new spaces, which may affect leasing terms, rents and vacancy rates 
  • Customer attraction, satisfaction and retention: Engagement with customers and the quality of service they receive may impact Dexus's ability to attract and retain customers, and influence the terms of their lease agreements

Additional information on our material issues and how we manage them can be found within our assessment of Material Issues and our Customers and Community Disclosure on Management Approach.

Implementing our approach


Measuring our performance

Dexus’s annual Sustainability Performance Pack provides the most comprehensive review of current trends for key metrics, with historical comparison spanning the past five years.