Enriched Environment

Optimising the environmental performance and resilience of our buildings.

Enriching the environment means maximising the resource productivity of Dexus's properties to limit the overall environmental impact from its operations and by creating adaptive, enduring and inspiring places.

We understand our influence on the broader environment as well as the places we create and impacts on health, wellbeing and productivity.

Dexus owns, manages and develops high performing, sustainable buildings that exemplify environmental performance and resilience. We adopt a holistic approach - from the boardroom to the plant room - to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Enhanced income through higher rental premiums for sustainable buildings
  • Reduced operations and maintenance costs
  • Improved customer comfort and amenity
  • Improved occupant productivity and wellbeing
  • Enhanced business reputation

Dexus's approach

We apply a forward looking management approach to manage our environmental performance and risk. The actions we undertake to enrich the environment in which we operate include:

  • Being an innovative, leading environmental performer
  • Optimising the environmental performance and resilience of our buildings
  • Being a sustainable developer
  • Being a low carbon energy producer
  • Creating tenant environmental partnerships
  • Adapting for environmental resilience

FY18 commitments

Dexus sets annual performance commitments to drive continuous improvement in line with our Sustainability Approach:

  • Deliver 1,000,000sqm of office property to a minimum 5 Star NABERS Energy rating and 4 star NABERS Water by 2020
  • Reduce energy consumption and emissions across the Group by a further 10% by 2020 using the FY15 baseline including exploring opportunities for renewables
  • Consistently demonstrate a resource recovery rate of 80% from de-fitting vacant space by 2020, actively identifying charities and markets for re-use and increasing waste diversion from landfill

Material issues

The following environmental issues are material to Dexus:

  • Energy efficiency: Optimising energy use positively impacts the environment while reducing operating costs and exposures to changing energy prices
  • Water use: Improving water efficiency, onsite water recycling and rainwater harvesting preserves a precious natural resource and reduces utility costs leading to reductions in outgoings and maintenance costs
  • Climate change impacts: Assessing climate change risks, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and implementing adaptation measures reduces operational and financial risks and assists in maintaining a property's long term resilience and competitiveness
  • Waste management: Minimising waste, recycling and effective waste handling reduces raw material use and avoids environmental and health related hazards associated with sending waste to landfill
  • Biodiversity: Ecosystems and their species perform important biological services. Protecting and enhancing biodiversity provides places for native flora and fauna to reside

Additional information on our material issues and how we manage them can be found within our assessment of material issues and our Environmental Disclosures on Management Approach.

Implementing our approach

Energy and emissions

Dexus adopts a continuous improvement approach focused on reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. We aim to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by:

  • Tracking greenhouse gas emissions across the group portfolio
  • Setting continuous improvement targets
  • Conducting ongoing energy management processes and initiatives across operations
  • Implementing energy efficiency and fuel switching projects
  • Generating energy onsite from renewable sources
  • Purchasing accredited, emission-free GreenPower
  • Incorporating environmental performance into new developments and investment decision making
  • Maintaining Carbon Neutral certification for our corporate operations under the National Carbon Offset Standard via participation in the Australian Carbon Neutrality program
  • Actively participating in industry collaborations such as the Global Real Estate Benchmark and Sydney-based Better Buildings Partnership
Climate change

Dexus assesses the physical risks, economic risks, potential safety risks and resilience of each building in coping with climate change risks. Properties are ranked according to their overall level of risk and higher risk properties undergo further assessment and adaptation planning.

Our response involves mitigating physical risks through investment decision-making, asset planning, preventative maintenance and adaptation activities. We are also cautious of the transitional risks as they continues to evolve, conducting activities to gather data and insights to inform investment decision making.

Carbon neutrality

Dexus is a signatory to the Australian Carbon Neutral program and our corporate head office has been certified as carbon neutral since 2011. Each year, in line with the National Carbon Offset Standard, Dexus attains certification as a carbon neutral organisation across our corporate operations encompassing our regional offices and all Dexus employees.

Renewable energy

Dexus supports the development of renewable energy and distributed energy generation across our portfolio. We purchase accredited Green Power which is electricity that is certified as renewable and 100% emissions free.

We generate our own energy across several sites, including emission free solar hot water, solar photovoltaic (PV) and gas-fired cogeneration. These initiatives allow us to harness natural resources and low carbon natural gas to offset grid purchases of high emissions intensity coal-fired electricity production.

Waste management

Dexus contributed to and adopts the Sydney-based Better Buildings Partnership (BBP) best practice guidelines for operational and strip-out waste management. We implement waste management plans for each property, comprehensive recycling streams are standardised and implemented as part of cleaning and waste services.

Dexus has subsequently set a defit recovery target within our corporate commitments, and we are embedding the guidance from the BBP’s strip out guidelines into defit operations. We are also expanding our network of recipients and we are engaging with our customers on opportunities to recycle furniture.


Dexus’s Biodiversity Policy focuses on protecting and enhancing biodiversity in and around Dexus properties. This includes making buildings and their surrounds a place for native flora and fauna to reside, and a place for people to enjoy. Biodiversity is addressed in building design (under Green Star) to determine if spaces can be created or improved in developments and building upgrades.

For its existing properties, Dexus works to create green spaces and enhance species diversity through applicable retrofitting solutions. Dexus does not engage in mining, exploration activities, operate manufacturing sites, or conduct activities that that lead to the extinction of International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) listed endangered species.

Refer to our Environmental Disclosures on Management Approach for further details.

Measuring our performance

Dexus’s annual Performance Pack provides the most comprehensive review of current trends for key metrics, with historical comparison spanning the past five years.


Dexus implements a robust governance approach to identify and assess major business risks and opportunities, and implement initiatives and programs to deliver sustained value in line with our Risk Management Framework and Sustainability Approach.

Additional information on how we implement our management approach is available within our Environmental Disclosures on Management Approach.