Sustainability Approach

Dexus acknowledges corporate responsibility and sustainability as an integral part of our daily business operations. As a signatory to the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment (UNPRI), we are committed to investing responsibly to deliver sustained value to stakeholders

Through our Sustainability Approach, we integrate management of environmental, social and governance issues across the property life cycle for our direct portfolio and across our funds and mandates.

Our Sustainability Approach incorporates the UNPRI ‘six principles’ within our goal “to create sustained value by adopting an approach that embraces connectivity, liveability and resilience, and is integrated across our value chain”.

We continue to evolve to respond to new perspectives and embrace the broader ecosystem in which we operate.

Our approach forms the basis from which sustainability commitments and targets are formed, and how achievement is measured.

We implement strategies, initiatives and programs across five key objectives aligned to Dexus's stakeholders.

  • Future Enabled Customers - Preparing our customers for the future through enabling flexibility, productivity and growth.
  • Strong Communities - Nurturing well-connected, prosperous and supported communities in and around our buildings.
  • Leading Cities - Playing a leading role in shaping Australia's cities for competitiveness and as desirable places to work and live.
  • Enriched Environment - Optimising the environmental performance and resilience of our buildings.
  • Thriving People - Enhancing the wellbeing of our people and those in our properties.

Implementing our approach

We create sustained value by taking a systematic approach that links our strategy and vision to our actions and performance outcomes through policies and governance frameworks, setting targets and embedding these into day-to-day operations.

  • Material issues - We engage with stakeholders to identify and manage material issues which have the greatest impact on stakeholders
  • Policies - Board and Corporate policies encapsulate our strategy and vision and inform all stakeholders of their legal and corporate responsibilities for the management of environmental, social and governance issues.
  • Commitments - We set measurable performance targets across our key stakeholder groups in line with our strategy, and drive ethical and responsible performance in all areas of operations. Our FY18 commitments are reported within our 2017 Online Reporting Suite.
  • Practices - We integrate ESG management practices within day-to-day operations, developments and investment decision making to enhance corporate performance and create sustained value. We report our management approaches within our disclosure under the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards.
  • Performance objectives - Within our annual performance pack, we report our performance across each key objective including our achievement of FY17 commitments.

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