Principle 5 - Make Timely and Balanced Disclosure

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5.1 Continuous disclosure

To ensure continuous disclosure obligations are met, Dexus has the following procedures in place:

  • Ongoing education of managers and directors ensuring all parties clearly understand the ASX Listing Rule obligations and the consequences of a breach
  • Efficient reporting channels capturing information that potentially requires disclosure and bringing it to the immediate attention of the Chief Executive Officer or the General Counsel
  • An effective monitoring system which helps ensure ongoing compliance
  • A clear and concise policy outlining obligations and expectations of Dexus employees in the identification and management of matters that may require disclosure to the market

Dexus has established a Continuous Disclosure Committee to assist in the identification and reporting of material matters to the market in the spirit of legislation and regulations.

The Continuous Disclosure Committee members comprise:

  • General Counsel & Company Secretary (Chair)
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Investment Officer
  • EGM – Investor Relations, Communications and Research

The Continuous Disclosure Committee meets on a regular basis to consider whether any disclosure obligation is likely to arise as a result of the activities being undertaken by the Group. The Continuous Disclosure Committee is comprised of executives based at Dexus’s corporate head office allowing meetings to be held at short notice.

The Continuous Disclosure Committee ensures:

  • Investors continue to have equal and timely access to material information, including the financial status, performance, ownership and governance of the Trusts
  • Announcements are factual and presented in a clear and balanced way

Management is required to provide a quarterly attestation to the Risk & Compliance team that there have been no issues within their area of responsibility that would be subject to continuous disclosure requirements.

The Chief Executive Officer and/or the General Counsel will immediately notify the Chair of the Board should any material concern arise regarding continuous disclosure. The Chair will then decide whether the issue should be further referred to the full Board or a nominated Board Committee or Sub-Committee prior to any market release being made, if considered appropriate.

The Board has a standing Agenda Item for it to assess if there are any matters that should be disclosed to the market.

The Continuous Disclosure Policy is available at