Playing a leading role in shaping Australia's cities for competitiveness and as desirable places to work and live

FY16 Performance Against Commitments

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Commitment Status FY16 Achievements
Build collaborative partnerships through advocacy with city councils, planners and industry groups Collaborated with urban planning groups and forums such as the Committee for Sydney and local councils to achieve planning outcomes that create cities that are great places to work and live
Activate the ground floor plane of Dexus’s office properties, including the redevelopment of nine city retail areas, office lobbies and laneways over the next three years, improving the permeability and vibrancy of these precincts Activated city ground floor areas, delivering five new office developments and three lobby refurbishments, improving the permeability and vibrancy of these precincts
Deliver more than 5,000 square metres of public space through the completion of Dexus office developments in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth Delivered more than 4,150sqm of public space in Brisbane and Perth with Jesse Street Garden at Gateway in Sydney nearing completion
Showcase the cultural heritage of the cities in which Dexus operates through incorporating artworks and cultural programs in and around Dexus’s office properties Showcased cultural programs in and around Dexus properties, through advertising and participating in the art festival "Spectrum now" across multiple sites
Partner with like-minded businesses to maximise latent vacancies in Dexus’s car parks through adopting technological solutions and car sharing   Partnered with Divvy and Go-get to minimise latent vacancies in Dexus’s car parks through adopting technological solutions and car sharing

Refer to the 2016 Annual Report for more information.

Sustainability features abound within 480 Queen Street, Brisbane

Dexus/DWPF owned 480 Queen Street, Brisbane officially opened in June 2016, to set the new standard for premium buildings within the Brisbane CBD. Sustainability features at the heart of its design, delivering to building tenants and the broader community a flexible, inspiring workplace that activates the precinct and pays homage to the iconic history of its surrounds.

The tenants will enjoy a range of facilities within what is effectively a vertical village. 480 Queen Street includes a childcare centre, a boutique gym featuring an altitude training room, a pharmacy, a barber shop, a food gallery and end-of-trip facilities - 600 bike spaces, 500 lockers and 45 showers.

A giant, 350 square metre glass tile rainforest mural, by acclaimed Queensland-born artist Danie Mellor provides a striking backdrop to the journey up to Hobbs Park. The artwork, like the park itself, is attracting plenty of interest from passers-by.

Hobbs Park is overlooked by a 100-seat Amphitheatre for tenants’ events and has its own café and bar, part of an eclectic mix of food offerings within 480 Queen Street.

The 1,400 square metre park aligns with the grounds of St John’s Cathedral on the opposite side of Adelaide Street, preserving views from the cathedral to the river and creating stunning new views of both for visitors to 480 Queen.

The pubic open spaces, cycling facilities, and innovative construction methods all contribute to the building achieving a 6 Star Green Star (Office Design v3) environmental rating, which represents world leading practice.

5 Martin Place, Sydney recognised

5 Martin Place, Sydney was awarded the following awards at the 2016 NSW Architecture Awards: Commercial Architecture Award, Greenway Award for Heritage; Lloyd Rees Award for Urban Design.

5 Martin Place was awarded in the 'Adaptive Reuse' category in the 22nd Annual Heritage Awards National Trust 2016

These awards recognise 5 Martin Place as a successful major inner-city development that balances the demands of commercial, public and urban interests while contributing to the city landscape and heritage.

Spectrum Now Festival

As part of the Spectrum Now Festival in Sydney Dexus hosted In’habit a true study of ‘art at work’ in which uses photo booths in city office buildings to create portraits in collaboration with artists onsite and online. This event gave the opportunity for city workers to pop in during lunchtime and have a free photo with their workmates and friends, then watch as these photo booth images are used to create an original artwork on site 8-9 March.

It was all part of bringing a little bit of art, and the Spectrum Now Festival, to the work day and was held at 3 Dexus properties: 1 Margaret Street Sydney, 383 Kent Street Sydney and 60 Miller Street, North Sydney

In’habit brings together three artists who use photographs as the starting point for their artworks. Each artist worked with photos, as captured moments of the real world, to explore and engage with both personal and collective notions of ‘lived experience’.

  • Margaret Ackland: worked with images from the newspaper and from images taken at photo booths in office foyers and transform them into watercolour paintings. In this series, Margaret placed each image together in a different space; literally and metaphorically put them on a different page. As part of In’habit, Ackland included images of people participating in the collaboration in her ongoing series The Watercolour News
  • Jo Meisner: explored the dislocation we can experience being simultaneously present and absent, as new technologies have given us the means to do. Jo's series of work Alone and Together explored these themes and continues with the images developed through this project. Working with photographic images on transparencies, Jo's work recalls something of the old world of black and white negatives despite being the result of high tech digital production    
  • Sue Murray: used new digital drawing tools to mesh a new form of digital portraits. Sue's approach allows for the overlaying of fictional and real aspects of the sitter’s personality and interests to be included in the picture. Showing something beyond the surface representation to interpret and expand these portraits to reveal a more multidimensional portrait. For the last decade Sue has worked with people to enable them to express themselves through photography.

Dexus retains leadership status in 2016 UNPRI Assessment

Dexus is a signatory to the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment (UNPRI) and maintains its commitment to invest responsibly and raise awareness of responsible investment with its stakeholders.

In 2016, the UNPRI’s assessed Dexus’s application of the principles, and awarded Dexus an ‘A+’ perfect score for its strategy and governance and an A rating for its approach to responsible investment across its Direct Property portfolio.