Materiality Based G4 Sustainability Guidelines

In FY15 Dexus transitioned from the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (version 3.1) to the materiality based G4 sustainability guidelines which it used to define the 2015 Dexus Annual Review content. The boundary relates to material issues and key performance indicators reporting across stakeholder groups, including current and prospective investors, employees, tenants, customers, suppliers and the community. The transition involved four stages in which the Group systematically undertook:

  1. Identify
    Dexus researched existing and emerging material issues relevant to its business, as identified by:
    • Local and international best practice peers
    • Investment bodies
    • Sustainability benchmarking tools
    • Industry
  2. Engage
    Dexus engaged with key stakeholders to identify issues that they considered important to the Group. These included prioritising issues relating to GRI G4 aspects as well as other issues identified by stakeholders.
  3. Prioritise
    To ensure an appropriate level of insight on priority, Dexus sought input from experts across the Group on the relative materiality of the issues, prioritising them based on their significance and likely impact to Dexus and its stakeholders.
  4. Disclose
    Dexus has aligned with GRI G4 guidelines to ensure the structure and content of its FY15 annual results reporting adequately disclosed materiality issues and performance.

The issues identified by Dexus and its stakeholders were visually correlated to highlight the influence on stakeholders and their importance to Dexus and the property sector. Dexus created a materiality matrix that assisted to prioritise the most material issues as the basis for ongoing disclosure.

Dexus's Materiality Matrix 

The material issues were a major consideration in the development of key objectives within Dexus's Sustainability Approach and informed Dexus's FY16 commitments. The materiality matrix also informed the material aspects that have been included within Dexus's 2015 GRI Index.