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Local communities

SO1 Percentage of operations with implemented local community engagement, impact assessments, and development programs.

100% of all properties under development engage with local authorities and the community, as part of this process environmental impact assessments are carried out at all sites and on selected sites social impact assessments are undertaken. 100% of retail properties have operational community engagement plans. Retail represents 19% of Dexus's property portfolio. Dexus is an active member of a community working group at Circular Quay (NSW), engaging with the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, Transport for NSW and Infrastructure NSW in the development of a Strategic Plan for Circular Quay. Similarly, Dexus is a member of the Martin Place Owners Group.

SO9 Operations with significant potential or actual negative and positive impacts on local communities. No potential material negative impacts identified. Positive impacts are provided in Community performance. Community performance
SO10 Prevention and mitigation measures implemented in operations with significant potential or actual negative impacts on local communities. No prevention and mitigation measures needed to be implemented as no Dexus operations have been identified as posing a significant risk to negatively impacting on local communities.
CRE7 Number of persons voluntarily and involuntarily displaced and/or resettled by development, broken down by project. No people were physically displaced as a result of Dexus operations.


SO2 Percentage and total number of business units analysed for risks related to corruption.

100% of employees across all (11) business units are required to undertake training and respond to a questionnaire that addresses risks related to corruption.

Each year Dexus completes a review of its risk management framework, committee structure and policies and procedures to ensure continuous improvement and to minimise the risk of ethical or corruption breaches.

The program involves the facilitation of risk workshops with senior management to review and update the risk register. Dexus has an anti-bribery policy that outlines its commitment to ethical behaviour.

SO3 Percentage of employees trained in organisation's anti-corruption policies and procedures.

100%. Employees are required to declare their compliance with Dexus's Code of Conduct on an annual basis.

Anti-corruption policies and procedures are included as part of this compliance. Compliance training is compulsory for every employee.

SO4 Actions taken in response to incidents of corruption. Dexus recorded no incidents of corruption this year, therefore there are no actions to disclose.

Public policy

SO5 Public policy positions and participation in public policy development and lobbying.

On behalf of investors and the broader community, Dexus is committed to making a positive and constructive contribution to policy development relating to the property industry and to participate in the policy decision-making process.

In situations where Dexus believes it is beneficial to appoint a professional lobbyist to act on its behalf, approval must be granted by the Chief Executive Officer. Dexus has an Anti-bribery Policy which sets out its requirements with regard to lobbying.

Dexus is a member of the Property Council of Australia (PCA). Member representation determines PCA's lobby position on behalf of its members therefore the property industry.

Anti-bribery policy
SO6 Total value of financial and in-kind contributions to political parties, politicians, and related institutions by country. Dexus does not give any contributions - financial or in-kind - to political parties or politicians.

Anti-competitive behavior

SO7 Total number of legal actions for anti-competitive behavior, anti-trust, and monopoly practices and their outcomes. There were There were no legal actions brought against Dexus for anti-competitive, anti-trust or monopoly practices in FY14.


SO8 Monetary value of significant fines and total number of non-monetary sanctions for non-compliance with laws and regulations. There were no significant fines received or non-monetary sanctions for non-compliance with any laws and regulations in FY14.